Sanskrit business names

A lot of people nowadays prefer to give a thoughtful name to their business, and in India, some of them prefer to find something relevant in Sanskrit. Sanskrit business names are quite popular and I have received numerous requests to suggest some names that can go well for a particular business.

It is very important to understand that while you pick up a Sanskrit name for companies, you should be aware whether you are going for translation or just for transliteration. Below, I am giving the transliterated names of some famous companies in Sanskrit.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to know the name of any other company.

Apple ऐपलः
Google गूगलः
BlackBerry ब्लैकबैरी
Microsoft माईक्रोसोफ्टः
Twitter टविटरः
Nokia नोकिया
Samsung सैम्सङ्गः
Motorola मोटरोला
Ford फोर्डः
Volkswagen फाक्सवैगनः
Audi आडी
Maruti मारुति
Suzuki सुजूकी
Honda हाण्डा
Adidas ऐडीडासः
Nike नाईकी
Reebok रीबाकः
LG ऐलजी
Mercedes मर्सीडीजः


Please note that the names that I suggest in the comments based on the queries posted by various users are in no way astrological. If you want to have a name that is astrologically correct for your business and success etc., please consult an astrologer. The names suggested here are purely on a random basis and I don’t guarantee any success based on that name. 

142 thoughts on “Sanskrit business names”

  1. Birendrra Yadav says:

    I am starting a real estate development company request you to suggest a sanskrit name which starts with “S” letter
    Pls do the needful ASAP…

    Birendrra Yadav

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Pick ‘स्थायी’.

  2. santhosh says:

    Hi I’m starting a financial businesses pls suggest names in starting letter is s

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Pick शौलकं

  3. Hitesh Arora says:

    Please suggest sanskrit name for business.

    Business line would be dealing in ethnic and artificial jewellery.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      कोशः or अलङ्कार

  4. anilkumar says:


    am starting a flowers,fruits &vegetables
    Distribution businesses..pls suggest sanskrit name for my business

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      पुष्पितः or विकसितः

  5. ritesh says:

    HI ,

    I am starting my business in Handicraft….pls suggest sanskrit name for my business

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Pick मधुर or शुभं

  6. I am starting a multi-niche site. suggest me a unique and brand name. My site contains articles based on more than two topics

    Thank you in advance

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Well, thanks for asking. Can you give me some choices; otherwise, it’s a very vague request.

  7. like a site by name refers to technology based site

    names like, which are not specific about any topics.

    I want Unique name like Google, Orkut .. hope it clears my request

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Pick ‘PineCrush’ or ‘PigeonEye’.

  8. srikanth says:

    Hi, I’m going to start a facility management company. Can u suggest a sanskrit name for it.

    Thanks in advance.

    – Srikanth

    1. srikanth says:

      My company actually provides electricians, plumbers, AC technicians to the clients. Please suggest name related to it.


      1. Vivek Kumar says:

        शुश्रूषा would be a perfect name for that kind of company.

  9. Sandip Lanjewar says:

    I would like to start my new wifi Broadband Internet services. And want new sanskrit name for the purpose. Pls suggest.
    Thank u!

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      पृथु, विपुलः

  10. Nagendranath says:

    please suggest me a startup company name that works on electronic technology and it is towards software side…..

    thank you.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:


  11. pendke says:


    Pls suggest a Sanskrit name with p for our corporate name. It should reflect our family born with passion.

    It would deal with different business venture

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      How about प्रेरित?

  12. G B Brothers says:

    we would like to start trading business,
    Name: Goutam Budha brothers

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Sounds like a good name.

  13. Manas says:

    Starting a multi brand multi product departmental store like Big Bazar. Can you please suggest an apt sanskrit name for the company??? or else can you make a word out of the names of some important people in my life – Ratan, Sita (Grandparents); Subhas, Meena (Parents); Krishika (Daughter)?

    Thanks for your post.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:


      It sounds close to सुभाषित

      1. Manas says:

        Thanks vivek.
        Sorry, But not able to connect to it ….
        Wont get on to the mouth of the people so easily.
        I want to explore further.

  14. Kamal says:

    Hai I am opening a charitable trust so can yo pls suggest some good names in sanskrit

  15. Ashok kumar says:

    Hai this is ashok kumar

    I would like to start Air Conditioning & Refrigeration bussiness,please suggest me name for business starting with ‘S”

  16. Raj says:

    Hi, I am starting up a solar company. But I need brand names with 2 to 3 options for the below:

    Home UPS
    Inverter (Rural & Urban)
    Home Lighting System (Rural)
    PV Roof top
    Irrigation Pumps
    Solar Street lights
    Solar Garden lights
    Solar Blinkers

    Thanks in advance.



  17. NANDA KUMAR S N says:

    hi all

    Im planning to start up a call center in bangalore.Can u pls suggest names with the meaning of name ARJUN

  18. Kishor says:

    kindly suggest me dairy brand name in sanskrit

  19. Babu says:

    I am starting a venture capitalist/real estate consultancy firm. Kindly suggest Sanskrit name which starts with letters A, M, R, S.
    Pls do the needful ASAP

  20. Sumee says:

    I am starting up a satationary and gift store need a nice name for it. Can you get a name or combine the following name into the stores name : Arun(husband)Hitesh(son) and parents Meena and Samuel.

  21. mangesh says:

    I am starting export trading company suggest me name

  22. Bhagyashree says:

    hi vivek
    I am starting a company of beauty products and organic agro based products and looking for related sanskrit name . Can you please suggest me a good name?

  23. Sanjay says:

    Hi Vivek,
    I am starting a company in Finance broking i.e. providing customer with home, business and equipment finance loans. I am based in Australia and would appreciated if you could suggest Sanskrit names which would be easier to pronounce as well?

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      You may use कुसीदं–Kuseedam

  24. Sanjiv says:

    Starting a company to fund small start ups. Request meaningful Sanskrit names. Many thanks.

  25. Dharam Puthran says:


    We are about to open a shipping company (container based). Could you please suggest a few apt names that describes safety, speedy and prompt services to the customers.

  26. shubham shukla says:

    suggest me some sanskrit name for my corporate consultancy frim,
    ll be highly obiliged.

  27. S Balasubraaniam says:

    I am looking for a Sanskrit name for our new Private Limited Company

    Business : Global Trading & Distribution of traditional Indian products (food, cosmetics, clothes, pooja and religious items)

    Thanks in advance

  28. Anupam Shah says:

    Hi we are starting wedding planning company.please suggest Sanskrit name for it. We are in to Wedding planning and event management.

  29. Vikash bhardwaj says:

    Hi,i m going to start a manpower,suggest me a better Sanskrit name…
    That’s sound good and has a good meaning.

  30. Raju Wanjari says:

    Hi,we r gling to start training center will u pl suggest sanskrit word for it

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try कृताभ्यास or दान्त

  31. Raju Wanjari says:

    Hi will u pl suggest the sanskrit name for township.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      I am sorry but I will need some leads for that–what kind of name you are looking for; what kind of letters etc.?

  32. Amit Gupta says:

    Please suggest a suitable Sanskrit name for agriculture focused entrepreneurship development center/ incubation centre/ technology business incubator

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try कर्षण or हलभृति

  33. Siddharth Chaturvedi says:


    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Choose anything related to लाक्ष्णिक

  34. Suggest me some good name for online practical education both hindi and english….Its urgent

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Pick up anything related to अध्ययन

  35. Gireesh says:

    Hi Vivek,

    I am going to start my new company based on electronics product distribution.
    kindly Suggest me the one Standard name.I am doing Cables, connectors and device distribution and mean while marketing also i am doing.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try संयुक्त or सम्पर्क

  36. Vaibhavi says:

    Hello Vivek Kumar Can you please suggest me a Sanskrit name from T for a software product developed by my company. Our software is a tool that provides governance to the organizations. We are US based company so had difficulty in finding the name which Americans can also pronounce.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Pick any of these names:

      WayU (Taken from Vayu meaning air)
      AmberM (Taken from Ambaram meaning sky)
      TaraPath (Taken from Tarapath meaning sky)
      XiRam (Taken from Kshriam meaning water)
      Hutash (Take from Hutash meaning fire)
      DamUna (Taken from Damuna meaning fire)

  37. Heena jeswani says:

    Hi Vivek kumar .can you please suggest name for diffusing aroma oil. Starting a small company. Need some Sanskrit name for it .. Thank you in advance

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      विस्तृ or वितन

  38. Kiran says:

    Please provide me the naming suggestions for my new civil engineering consultant firm. Please avoid the word ‘H’. The name should clearly show our work form. Please suggest me as soon as possible.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      You can add any of these names after the name you want to choose for civil engineering. संवाद, विमृश, अवेक्ष

  39. Sumit says:

    HI Vivek,
    I am planning to start Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services company. can you please suggest good name.


    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try उपाय, युक्ति, नेतृत्व

  40. Hi, kindly suggest me a catchy Sanskrit name for EVENT COMPANY !

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try सम्भव

  41. Varun Kumar MN says:

    Hi my name is varun..

    We are planning a start-up in mechanical engineering / manufacturing company kindly suggest a name in Sanskrit. ..

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try यन्त्रकार, कलाज्ञ

      1. Varun Kumar MN says:

        What dose kalanj mean sir. …

        1. Vivek Kumar says:

          It’s related to engineer


    I’m searching a suitable attractive name for my Gold & Diamonds Shop (Jewellery Shop) in sanskrit. i.e. kindly suggest me a notable name for me asap. it should be variety and very attractive.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try अशिर

  43. Vikas says:

    Hi…I want to start a charitable trust for Path lab & Play School. kindly suggest a name in Sanskrit.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try निष्ठा, सम्प्रसाद

  44. Vinayak Naik says:

    Hello Vivek can you suggest a name for our new business which is tech and event management related starting with “p”

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try सम्भव, सङ्गति

  45. Suja says:

    Hi we are planning to start a bricks company..kindly suggests me a suitable name

  46. Rahul Ahuja says:


    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try जैविकी

  47. Arzoo says:

    hii sir i m planning to start a own architecural firm suggest me related good sanskrit name

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try सुकृत

      1. ARZOo says:

        Sir Can u suggest few options and again what is meaning of sukrut?? Pllz if possible suggest few options

  48. Pls suggest name for blogging site in sanskrit.
    Name = Me and you

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try ‘Tvamam’

  49. Udaysree says:

    would like a business name that covers Vedic Healing & Lifestyle

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try भाविक

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