Going Solo, David Franklin Announces Sixth Instrumental Album

One Day in Spring

Self-taught composer and multi-instrumentalist David Franklin embarks on a solo endeavor by releasing his latest instrumental album, One Day In Spring, as a collection of piano improvisations and interpretations on the spring season. It is available worldwide on most Digital Streaming Platforms (DSPs) and Bandcamp, where it is part of the artist’s 6-album discography special offer.

Listen on your platform of choice: https://davidfranklin.hearnow.com/

Franklin reportedly recorded this album unplanned, in one morning on a single sitting. He says, “I woke up, and remembered the recording gear was still set up by the piano. I just sat down and began playing.” Because of this, he describes the collection as “his most vulnerable album” and says ”​​this was a moment that my heart was sonically expressed, and I was actually able to record it.” The ten tracks flow seamlessly like a waking dream. Reviewer Robin B. James called the album “sweet and light, with mixtures of tentative single notes and flowing fuller chords that explore and rehearse the story of life.”

While introspective and void of collaborations, the moody introspection his fans have come to appreciate is still present, along with a meditative sense of calm. The album’s illustrative track titles seem to confirm a certain level of playful consciousness in Franklin’s process on this creation. One would expect nothing less from this activist, adventurer and innovative therapist, who just completed the yearlong program in Psychedelic Facilitation at the UC Berkeley Center for the Study of Psychedelics.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Franklin has spent more than 45 years exploring musical genres and experimenting with sound, evolving as a multi-instrumentalist through rock, folk-pop, avant-garde, new age and instrumental music. Currently, his music is featured on internet radio and in such places as SiriusXM’s Spa Channel; his last few albums made the Top 10 on the ZMR Charts, and feature Franklin on guitar and Michael Manring on bass. Alongside his discography, which has spanned 36 years and 11 albums, Franklin has been collaborating, writing and performing instrumental music for modern-dance companies (such as Rogelio Lopez and Dancers) to create sonic soundscapes for their artistic visions.

The nature focus of One Day In Spring makes one wonder if it is an ode to Franklin’s passion for environmental issues. In 1990, he joined The Global Walk for a Livable World, a year-long hike across the United States from Los Angeles to New York, alongside 80 other activists. He spoke at schools, to the media and to politicians about the environment while performing music throughout his journey. This music was captured in his 1990 album Our Children’s Only Home (1990). His adventures inspired him to release several singer-songwriter albums around that time, including Patterns Yet Unknown (1992) and Strangers and Angels (1998).

David Franklin is an independent artist affiliated with BMI. For more information on him and his new release, visit DavidFranklin.com.

1. Just Before Dawn (3:23)
2. The Gloaming (3:24)
3. Birds Start Their Songs (3:20)
4. Another Bird in the Garden (4:30)
5. Grieving The Dreamscape (4:23)
6. As Light of Mourning Finally Flows (4:34)
7. Night Has Left Us All (2:32)
8. Remembering George Winston (2:51)
9. Caffeinated and Reconsidering Slime Molds (3:30)
10. Trees and Silence are Living Beings (2:34)

HearNow: https://davidfranklin.hearnow.com/

Buy it on Bandcamp: https://davidfranklin.bandcamp.com/album/one-day-in-spring-solo-piano

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