5 lessons entrepreneurs can learn from movie Wolverine

WolverineWolverine happened to be the first 3-D movie that I watched in a cineplex. Overall, it was a very nice experience and it opened up a lot of thoughts in my mind.

1. If your idea is unique, there might be people who would want to replicate it, which means potential competition. Yashida wants to acquire powers that Logan enjoyed. So, prepare yourself for a real battle when you enter the market.

2. It’s good to rely on your experiences, even if they are bad one; but it is extremely good if you can tap new opportunities. Logan was stuck with Jean but he found a new purpose of life with Mariko. If you were not successful the first time, it does not mean the end of the road.

3. While there would be people who would despise you for your uniqueness, there would be people who would believe in you and would stand as a body-guard for your ways! Mariko’s father Shingen Yashida almost abused Logan for his capabilities and even termed him an animal, but Yukio stood by him in thick and thin. Don’t expect everything to go smooth on your entrepreneurial journey.

4. Try to invest in your team-members and co-workers because they may save the day when an equally dangerous mutant have you pinned on the clutches of competition. Mariko and Yukio save Logan when Viper had him pinned down and Yadhida was about to take away his powers. Your colleagues might help you win the war when it comes to make a startup successful.

5. Be ready to move on. If you have successfully completed one project, just let your creative energies fly because nobody knows where your services and talents might be needed. You may help somebody to create another successful startup. Magneto and Dr. Charles meet Logan because he was needed to fight the dark forces. After all this is entrepreneurs do–they solve problems and bring in solutions.

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