Sanskrit Names for Business

Are you finding Sanskrit names for business? What type of name you want?

Have you decided to get it translated or transliterated, or are you going to name your business with an original Sanskrit word?

This is a major task that you must do before you could go forward.

We have helped to find some good Sanskrit names for businesses for our users and we will be happy to help you get a suitable name for you too.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to know the name of any other company.

Apple ऐपलः
Google गूगलः
BlackBerry ब्लैकबैरी
Microsoft माईक्रोसोफ्टः
Twitter टविटरः
Nokia नोकिया
Samsung सैम्सङ्गः
Motorola मोटरोला
Ford फोर्डः
Volkswagen फाक्सवैगनः
Audi आडी
Maruti मारुति
Suzuki सुजूकी
Honda हाण्डा
Adidas ऐडीडासः
Nike नाईकी
Reebok रीबाकः
LG ऐलजी
Mercedes मर्सीडीजः


Please note that the names that I suggest in the comments based on the queries posted by various users are in no way astrological. If you want to have a name that is astrologically correct for your business and success etc., please consult an astrologer. The names suggested here are purely on a random basis and I don’t guarantee any success based on that name. 

406 thoughts on “Sanskrit Names for Business”

  1. Pushpa says:

    Hi Vivek
    I am starting new job consultancy come software company.i need suggestions for name which start with a and it should have alphabet l in tat. Plz give me 3 to 4 name suggestion.i Wil be waiting for u r reply.i need catchy n easy to spell

  2. Shego says:

    can you help me with a name related to travel, voyages. this is for a program developed for village people to travel and explore outside word and learn about the various cultures and opportunities

  3. Tapan says:

    Please give me a start name (the organization will be known by this) for ‘ ….. Education & Welfare Foundation” or ” …. Human Development Foundation ‘

  4. sanjay says:

    Shri Vivek Ji, please suggest me a name for a trading house. We are a company registered in Singapore and deal in food ingredients and plastic. Supply products all over. Please help

  5. Manik Reddy says:

    Hi good morning all . Any one can plz suggests a good name for startup , where into software, mechanical and civil engineering.

  6. Swarna says:

    Hi I’m starting up a HR consulting firm. Please suggest a name

  7. Neha says:

    Hand crafted related name in Sanskrit please

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try हस्तकृत

  8. Jinesh says:

    Hello sir
    Dry fruit related name in Sanskrit plz.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try going for the literal meaning like शुष्कफलं or अतिमितफलं

      In English, you can write like this: Sushakphalam or Atimitaphalam

  9. Priti bali says:

    Name for organic dips and sauces please

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try अस्ति or प्रियम्

  10. Abhijit Jain says:

    Hi , i m going to start a business of organic products , suggest any name for same

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try नवजीवनम् or संतृप्ति

      1. Arjun says:

        With a great experience of Kirana Varieties from khari bawli market Delhi, I will plan to start a online Kirana & Grocerry Buisiness. I m expertise in old Delhi Spices , Pulses & Dryfruits market. Plz suggests a unique sanskrit + Hindi Name for my start up . Like अन्न जल, अन्नपूर्णा.
        Actually in past I plan a name ” Laghu Bhoj ” in my mind .Are u suggests similarly like this name ?

  11. Varad says:

    I m starting a architecture firm. Suggest a mind-blowing name for it.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      I am not sure if I can suggest a mind-blowing name, but you can try धरामृत, हिरण्यभू

  12. Pradeep says:

    Can you please advise a name for a communication platform, will be great if it ends with ‘in’

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try सुसञ्चार and you can modify it to सुसञ्चारिन

  13. Abhilasha Jadhav says:


    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Can you please tell me the nature of your startup so that I could suggest some related name?

  14. Sangeeta says:

    Hi, I am looking for brand name in hindi or sanskrit which will have multiple products line like home decor, planters, Kichen wear, scarfs, t shirts.THANKS.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      You can try हस्ति or नीलाम्बर

  15. Akhilesh Gupta says:

    Can you please suggest a sanskrit name for my start up firm related to food industry

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try ब्रह्मार्पणं

      1. Akhilesh Gupta says:

        Any word related to taste

        1. Vivek Kumar says:

          You can try रसबोध.

          Or you can try यथारुचि, which means according to the taste.

  16. Pr CM says:

    Greeting Vivekji,
    I am student and looking for a name(along with tagline) for our startup TEAM. it’s for a competition, and theme is based on ‘”ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT” and “Youth” . Can you please suggest any team name along with a tagline if possible.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try सबल–capability with a vision

  17. swapnil chanshetti says:

    I want a name for event comapny with 3 or 5 letters

  18. amit kumar verma says:

    dear sir can u suggest me name for consulting firm for finance accounting and tax work

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try वित्तमंत्रणा

  19. Raghu says:

    Hi Vivek.
    I am looking for a name for my start up business
    It is a overseas educational, work placement/ jobs and IT consulting.
    Can you suggest something which would suit this? First I thought of “step up” or “next step” etc but there are already many consultancies with that name so wanted to go for something Indian (Sanskrit)

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try निरन्तरः

  20. akhil says:

    Can you please suggest a sanskrit name for my start up firm related to coconut oil for babies

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try शिशुरक्षण

  21. Vishal says:

    Hi, my 2-3 friends are Jointly open a company which is related to freelance consultancy ( like software create, support, training, any type Supply chain related activity…etc. ) Pls suggest any good sanskrit name for business startup.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      I was thinking you can go with the name विदित्वा–It means after having known. This would mean that you try understand and go really deep into the client’s needs and then provide your solutions.

  22. Gaurav Sorathiya says:

    Hellooo!!!! Vivek ji …
    I want to start shop for ladies wear any name suggestion for that .
    Thank you

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try नायिका

  23. Hello Vivek Sir,
    I am opening an Software Development Compnay, Can you please suggest a name in Sanskrit.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try विस्तृति–it literally means development. You can use these spellings–Vistriti

  24. Mayur says:

    Hello Vivek Sir,
    Can you suggest a Sanskrit name for a company that would sell home made beauty and cosmetic products

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try शोभनम्

  25. Rushal Jain says:

    Hello Vivek Ji,
    I’m starting up a new brand which will be into fmcg snacking can you please suggest me some good names, I’ll be obliged thankyou.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try जीवनकः

  26. Mor Milan says:

    Hello Vivek Sir,
    Can you suggest a Sanskrit name for a architect (interior design) company .

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try असंशयः

      In English, you can put it like this ‘Asanshaya’. It means confidence.

  27. MANISH KAVAR says:

    Hello Vivekji

    Greetings from us on Diwali to you,

    I want to know about sanskrit name of rakshak or kavach.

    best regards

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Rakshak would mean defender while kavach would be armor.

  28. V.Suresh Kumar says:

    Hi Vivek,
    Could you please suggest me a name in Sanskrit for Health Care Related Business?
    Preferably starting the letter V.

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try व्याधिहीन–Vyadhiheen

      1. HARDIK says:

        Hi Vivek sir,
        Could you please suggest me a atrective name in Sanskrit for Health Care Related Business?

        1. Vivek Kumar says:

          Try अरोगिता

  29. Yedukondala Reddy says:

    Hi Vivek,

    I’m planning to start home food delivery app. Can you please suggest name that starts with U, V or W? please give few names

    Yedukondala Reddy

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try उत्तमान्न–Uttamanna

  30. twinkle says:

    hello, I want sanskrit name for my digital marketing company.
    (It would be great if you suggest word starts from “A”, “T”. (optional)

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try जनप्रीतिः

      1. Twinkal says:

        Can you suggest from letter A or T.

        1. Try कृतोपकारा–it means promoted.

          1. Twinkal says:

            Any other name please.

          2. Difficult to suggest any other with the limitation of starting letter.

  31. Maddy says:

    Hello Sir, Can you please suggest IT services company starts with ‘V’

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Try विद्युत

  32. Prashant says:

    Helllo sir , please suggest name for jam , sausce , or other services , business

    1. Try बहुरसा

  33. ashish hirpara says:

    Hello ,
    I am starting my company and would like to name it from Sanskrit words. Our start up is based on software company, development and ERP softwares providers. Can you suggest any good and memorable word for it starts from “A”.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Try अग्रिम

      1. ashish hirpara says:

        This name is already taken by someone on google.
        can you recommend something else.

        1. Try आद्य–It means original.

  34. Bharat Varanasi says:

    Suggest few names for Home appliances trading company starting with Ya, Lee, Ee, Ko

    1. Try यादगार, कोमल, कोकिला

      1. Pratham says:

        Sanskrit name for e-commerce website

        1. This is a difficult ask because it depends whether the domain is available or not.

  35. Ketki says:

    Hi Vivek
    I am starting organic rose petals jam product. Please tell me appropriate name for organic gulab gulkand.

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Try स्वच्छः गुलाब गुलकंद

  36. Maulik Bhojak says:

    Hello sir
    Can you sugges me name for herbal product branding…. Like soap, shampoo, hairoil

    1. sridhar says:

      Sir can you suggest a name for a aerospace manufacturing company

      1. Try नभःस्थः

    2. Try सुप्रभः

  37. Saurav Ranu says:

    Hi Vivek,
    We are starting a new firm for the purpose of sale purchase of any kind of products + data entry office. Pls suggest a name

    1. Try निपुणा

  38. Ankita Srivastava says:

    Hi, Can you please suggest some brand names for my e – commerce business. It is going to deal with mainly women’s fashion, clothing, accessories. I want it short, simple and meaningful. Thanks

    1. Won’t it also depend whether that name’s website is avialable or not?

  39. priyanka says:

    I want a business name for Ayurvedic medicine business. Please suggest

  40. Karan says:

    Hello sir
    Can you suggest me name for Pillows & Cushion brand.
    If possible, please add “L” & “V” alphabets.

  41. Ankita Bhatiya says:

    Hey m starting a new business of natural n organic soap making.. Please help me with the name in sanskrit

  42. SANJAY NANDA says:


  43. Astha Agrawal says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can you please suggest me a name for an interior designer’s studio?

  44. Prajakta Ankolekar says:

    Please suggest any sanskrit name for Holiday Homes (if it cam mean= in nature’s arm, mesmerising, Heavenly Happiness… something like this)

  45. Manoj says:

    Plz. suggest name for jewellery business

  46. Sreenivasan says:

    Hare Krishna , Need a name for my gaming company

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