Neokred Technologies Private Limited Anticipates Achieving 5 Billion Transactions Milestone with Collectbot by FY 2025, Announces Global Expansion 

Neokred Technologies Private Limited, a leading fintech startup headquartered in Bengaluru, is to achieve a significant milestone of 5 billion transactions through its revolutionary product, Collectbot, by Fiscal Year 2025. Collectbot is a versatile payment processing platform that simplifies financial transactions and enhances operational efficiency. Utilizing Virtual Account Numbers (VANs), it streamlines fund reconciliation and reduces the need for extensive KYC processes. With easy integration, automated features, and robust security measures, Collectbot offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking efficient and secure payment processing. The platform also has an in-built switch capable of digital transformation for banks looking to launch over the top solutions in their current account while creating a seamless interface between the bank’s core banking system and customers. 

This projection underscores Neokred’s commitment to transforming the financial landscape of India and the Middle East with its cutting-edge ‘Embedded Banking as a Service’ ecosystem. 

Neokred is a leading technology service provider dedicated to offering innovative Banking as a Service (BaaS) solutions. NeoKred is redefining the financial technology landscape with a commitment to provide seamless digital transformation and data-driven solutions relevant to the B2B and B2C ecosystem.

“Our target of 5 billion transactions is more than a numerical goal; it reflects the trust our clients place in us and the reliability of our solutions,” remarked Rohith Reji, Co-Founder & CEO of Neokred Technologies. “Through Collectbot, we are not merely offering a product that solves a bank’s inward and outward transactions but delivering a transformative experience that empowers businesses and enhances user engagement through specific value-driven features that enhance trust and reliability.”

Neokred’s Embedded Banking as a Service ecosystem stands out for its customizable solutions, scalable infrastructure, and stringent compliance standards. Understanding the unique requirements of each business, Neokred provides flexible APIs and modular components that enable seamless integration and customization.

“At Neokred, we believe in collaborative innovation to drive efficiency,” stated Dipali Padia, Director of Business Development at Neokred Technologies. “Our partnerships with leading banks and esteemed clients like CoinSwitch and CoinDCX underscore our commitment to delivering top-tier financial solutions. Collectbot epitomizes our pursuit of excellence and vision for the future of fintech.”

As Neokred continues to lead fintech innovation, the company remains steadfast in empowering businesses with seamless financial solutions. The anticipated milestone of 5 billion transactions through Collectbot in FY 2025 signals Neokred’s potential to redefine the future of banking in India and beyond.

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