Interview with Mansi Shah, Core Team Mumbai Angels

Following are some general questions regarding the role of a funding agency and mentoring offered by Mumbai Angels. These questions are general queries and specific queries could be asked by contacting the Mumbai Angels.

As Funding Agency

Q1: While someone approaches Mumbai Angels for funding, what requirements one needs to fulfill in order to present the case?

To approach Mumbai angels for funding, one needs to have a proper b- plan describing team, operations, funding needs, revenue projections, marketing plan and a BCA -i.e. a business case analysis filled to give a good idea about the business to the angels.

Q2: While investing, what types of issues are taken into consideration, right from exit policies to success chances of the venture?

Yes. Potential exist to series A funding, valuation expectations to operationally building the team are taken into consideration.

Q3: Do Mumbai Angels help in ventures that involve operations in foreign countries or doing business in foreign countries?

Yes. We have investments in foreign companies and many of our domestic companies are now global.

Q4: What has been the success rate of Mumbai Angels till now?

Good question. Fortunately, till now we do not have a single failure.

Q5: If somebody wants tips as how to approach Mumbai Angels for funding, what will the suggestions?

Ans: Please use our website Alternatively contact Mansi Shah and Amit Grover or any of our Angel members. The contact no. of Mansi Shah is 9920403656.

As Mentor

Q1: How the process of mentor ship works? How somebody who is looking to start a new venture can benefit from the expertise that Mumbai Angels have?

We mentor all the companies applying to us to create an elevator pitch and aid them in building the business. Many companies with a rough can get a lot of value from our experience in the start up space and diversified network.

Q2: What types of projects are there for which Mumbai Angels provide mentorship and guidance?

We are sector agnostic. We guide all ventures.

Q3: Being an incubator, what is it that Mumbai Angels look during selection process?

Team comes first. A good product, market space and the appetite to make good money definitely adds on. A good past experience, education and past successes adds up.

Q4: How Mumbai Angels maintain the balance between being investors and being mentors?

All our portfolio companies get a good mix of both investment and mentorship.

Q5: Does it help to be investors while some projects come to you for mentorship?

Yes. We mentor and invest into companies. We help them pre and post funding. They are parallel activities.

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