This season of Love and Joy, Chef Ajay Chopra cooks a special meal for the Children of Dharavi

India is home to a quarter of all undernourished people worldwide, making the country a key focus for tackling hunger on a global scale. Each year, hunger and malnutrition kill more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. This cooking initiative by Chef Ajay Chopra during this season of Love and Joy, aimed to bind communities together in these uncertain times of COVID 19

“I believe that chefs have the power to fight to end hunger and malnutrition. Given our close connection to food and the ability to bring people together, we-chefs are uniquely positioned to change the way people think about food. As Chefs, we need to learn about the challenges of nutrition and food insecurity so that when we cook food we are socially responsible. World Vision India works along these lines and hence associated with them for a greater cause – for children”, said Chef Ajay Chopra.

Chef Ajay Chopra cooked pasta in a live cooking session, which was arranged inside the Dharavi Slums. All the children from the community who participated were served with Pasta and a slice of cake.

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