Student entrepreneur

Statistical information collected across the globe reveals that increasing number of students are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. There is a growing awareness regarding the need for entrepreneurial training to students. Several experts believe that without this aspect, especially university education cannot be called complete. In fact, every student is necessarily and unknowingly an entrepreneur.

Some of the activities found among school and college going children prove this like exchange or sale of books, private tutoring, doing part time jobs and so on. The changing family scenarios and the increasing financial burden of most families have forced the students to take up some commercially productive activity during their studentship. They use much of this income to support their studies or to supplement their parents’ income. In fact, by undertaking mock entrepreneurship during their student period, they get exposed to some new vistas of life. They learn the dignity of labour and the difficulty of making money. This will in turn make them more responsible towards themselves, their families and the society at large.

Student entrepreneurs popularly take up some vocations, businesses and responsibilities like trading the content of their libraries; selling custom apparels like T-shirts, patches and hats; taking up part time or freelance jobs; writers; artists; content writers; baby sitters; musicians and photographers in addition to several others. When students are made to spend the money they earned the hard way, they can turn more responsible as they grow up. Student entrepreneurs gain a good degree of self-confidence and decision making capacity. They can judge situations better than others and can effectively make the best use of the opportunities that come in their way.

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