Root Natural- an ecommerce beauty platform for 100% natural and clean products launches in India

~Root Natural is a curator of homegrown, natural and organic beauty products for conscious customers looking for sustainable solutions

Pooja Parkar, NUI Galway graduate, introduces Root Natural- an ecommerce beauty platform that offers handpicked and chemical free skincare products formulated in India exclusively for Indian skin type. In an effort to provide everyone with a healthy skin Pooja decided to bring back the legacy of natural skincare rooted in our country from ancient Indian culture.

The idea of Root Natural struck Pooja’s mind in her graduation days when she had presented a mapwork for one of her assignments. The idea was to create an innovative platform that would offer chemical & cruelty free, clean beauty products in India. She believed that India was a land of rich natural resources with magical beauty properties. From ancient times these ingredients were used to maintain the beauty and good health of our skin. However, her fellow group members had an assumption that India was an overpopulated labour class country with very limited awareness of clean and nasties-free skincare. This was Pooja’s eureka moment that inspired her to lay the foundation of Root Natural and bring her idea to life.

With the plethora of international skincare products available today, we tend to miss the fact that those products are formulated and tested in an environment that is not similar to ours and the concoction is not designed for the Indian skin. Hence, the result of such products will not always be as expected. Root Natural aims to introduce the products that are developed in the soils of India, with naturally sourced ingredients that are tailor made for the Indian skin and the environment both.

Comprehending Root’s mission in simpler words-

● The brand wants to discover ancient beauty secrets and introduce the world with Indian skin care products made from abundance of natural goodness and care.

● Root Natural believes skincare is a necessity and not luxury and will strive to give everyone a beautiful healthy skin by staying away from chemical infused products.

● The brand believes there is a gap within the mindsets of people to trust Indian home-grown brands, Root Natural wants to bridge that gap, by developing trust in the minds of the people.

On the launch of the brand, Ms. Pooja Parkar, Founder of Root Natural said- “From ancient times, we learnt that the most important part of the trees are their roots. But we never realize that roots aren’t just important for trees; they play a vital role in defining a person’s individuality. Roots often personify the individuality of a person. This thought inspired me to create this brand called Root Natural which symbolizes the Indian roots through Indian skincare. Since a very young age I have always been fascinated by skin routines and skin products. But the thing that still baffles me is that the majority of the Indian audiences are unaware of their own country’s offerings.

She added, “there is an abundance of skin care remedies in our very own soil and culture which we want to uplift. This gave birth to the concept of Root Natural, is a platform for all the Indian skin care brands that vouch on going natural and safe in their formulations”

There are around 18 of skincare brands like Organic Harvest, Meraki Lanes, Ma Earth Botanical, Miracle Herbs etc, listed on Root Natural who raise their flags for sustainable, clean and cruelty free beauty products that are natural, ayurvedic, botanic and/or organic. Root Natural aims to be India’s disruptive skincare platform for all the conscious consumers who desire to make a natural and sustainable living switch.

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