5 Companies that are changing the landscape of EV Charging Infrastructure in India

The electric vehicle is the fastest-growing segment of the automotive industry. Advanced technology, and buyer inclination towards decreasing carbon footprints and government policy incentives have been some of the fundamental operators contributing to the extension of the electric vehicle market across the past few years. 

Electric vehicle automakers are frequently funding in charging station infrastructure expansion to support their long-range battery electric vehicles. Below is the list of the best five companies changing the landscape of EV infrastructure in India. 

SemaConnect:  “SemaConnect is one of the leading providers of electric vehicle charging stations in North America with over 12000 active charging stations deployed and running in the North American market. Over the last 10+ years SemaConnect has designed, developed and manufactured EV charging stations in India for the export market. These products with extensive market acceptance and deployment experience are now available for the burgeoning Indian market. SemaConnect’s broad range of AC charging solutions offer the best smart & networked Charging Solution for commercial applications such as Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Offices, Retail & Fleet Applications. SemaConnect charging stations are elegant in design and intuitive in user experience. “The Series 4 EV Charging Station” is specifically designed for the Indian Market and is an elegant, smart and completely network-managed EV charging solution for multiple user scenarios. This charging station has excellent features such as wireless technology, a completely configurable admin module for charger management, a handy App for drivers, an OLED screen, Interactive LED Lights and the IEC 62196-2 Plug suitable for modern Indian EV’s.”

Panasonic (Nymbus): Panasonic reported Nymbus as a futuristic charging service’. It includes charging stations, telematics systems, swap stations, on-board charging, along with the cloud service, intuitive dashboard, analytics, and AI to deliver one-stop solution’.

ABB – ABB is a major player in electric mobility, with over 14,000 DC fast chargers installed across more than 80 countries. ABB India positioned its initial shared DC fast charger partnering with EV Motors India in New Delhi in 2019. The charging station (Terra54 CJG) caters to numerous charging protocols of CCS2, CHadeMO, and AC Type 2. 

The EV charging station will allow the passengers to charge their cars from 0 to 80 percent in 40-50 minutes. Additionally, it allows customers to comfortably connect their chargers to different software systems like back-offices, payment platforms, Energy Management Online Solutions, and smart remote diagnostics, therefore, leading to remarkable system reliability.

Tata Power –TATA is a renowned name in India’s automotive Industry. Due to its prestigious ranking, it also happens to be one of the most eminent manufacturers of EV charging stations across the country. TATA’s EV charging network encompasses nine states, including Hyderabad, Mumbai and, Delhi, with around three hundred charging points over forty cities, including Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Lucknow. EV TATA power’s charging solutions meet varied charging specifications and standards and may be utilized for different EV makes, models and categories also offering Smart Charging option with its Mobile App Tata Power. The company is anticipating generating infrastructure for home charging and charging in public spaces like at metro stations, theatres, highways, and shopping malls.

CHARZER – Charzer is a start-up founded in Bengaluru that provides portable Kirana chargers of 3.3 kV for malls, societies, small shop owners, restaurants, etc., at a reasonable price of Rs. 15,000/- only. The Founders put forward their plan and prototype at an event – MOVE (Mobility Re-imagined). The start-up not only generated a stupendous response but also procured more than 200 pre-orders for Kirana Charzer. Charzer is a portable charging station, and the owner can generate revenue through numerous methods when people come to charge their vehicles. Firstly, you can earn an additional income hourly, on a day to day & monthly — at whatever time a customer plugs in a charger. Secondly, you get to lure more customers.

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