Podar Learn School signs up 13 franchises in 2020-2021 across Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh during COVID-19 pandemic

Focuses on delivering quality education especially in rural towns

Key Highlights:

·         Franchise-based initiative by Podar Group of Schools launched in 2016

·         Aim to enhance quality of education and operations in CBSE/ICSE schools across the country

·         360-degree support in setting up, operations and marketing by Podar Education Network

·         Total of 32 PLS in India across four states – Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh

Podar Learn School (PLS), the best education franchise in India, providing complete all-round assistance in setting up a new school has signed up 13 franchisees in 2020-2021 across India in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh states during the COVID-19 pandemic. PLS has been focussing on delivering quality education especially in rural towns of India. These 13 franchisees are across Ranebennur, Latur, Parbhani, Buldhana, Nasik, Solapur, Satara and Chhindwara.

Even as the entire country went under lockdown and schools shut transitioning to online medium, PLS has continued to expand its footprint with the aim of enhancing the quality of education and operations in CBSE/ICSE schools. With 13 new franchisees on board, the initiative now has a network of 32 schools across the country. The geographical spread of this network is predominantly in Tier 2 cities, small towns, and semi-rural areas, reflecting the initiative’s endeavour to make quality education accessible to children at the grassroots level. The success of the PLS initiative has already started showing results with large number of students enrolled so far.

Mr. Harsh Podar, Director, Podar Education Network said, “The idea behind Podar Learn School is to harness inspired and deserving individuals with a passion for education and a yearning to give back to the society. PLS not only provides but enables them with financially lucrative opportunities to realise this passion. Keeping in mind that the vast majority of Indians live beyond the select Tier-1 and metropolitan cities, the Podar Group of Schools has specifically aimed this initiative to establish Podar Learn Schools across the small towns of India thereby standardising and raising quality of education.”

Podar Group of Schools has vast expertise in the field of education, especially in opening schools in both rural & urban cities of India. The highly experienced academic and operations team have designed a tailor made curriculum for these specific markets. Emphasis is placed on learning through technology, English speaking and making the student an all-round global citizen.

Speaking about Podar Learn School and the overall franchisee experience, Mr. Dhiraj Baheti, Rajasthani’s Podar Learn School, Parli, Beed said, “It’s a matter of immense pride to be associated with Podar Group of Schools through this novel initiative. Our children will benefit tremendously from Podar’s experience of almost 100 years in the education sector. Be it training, ideation or any challenge that we face, the feedback and support is prompt. We have been able to secure 400 plus admissions in the first year of operations itself, with minimal advertising due to the sheer impact of the brand Podar.”

Mr. Sharad Maind, Vidyalankar’s Podar Learn School, Pusad, Yavatmal said, “The Podar Group of Schools always ensures quality education in all their schools. They provide expertise to improve the academics as well as extracurricular performance. It covers prominent aspects relating to setting up of school building, planning, infrastructure and interior design of relevant standards. This will not only raise quality of education but also overall improvise quality of life in India’s interiors.”

The PLS initiative, kickstarted in 2016, is based on a franchise model under which deserving individuals with a passion for education can open a CBSE/ICSE school in their location. This is an opportunity for them to realise their passion and give back to the society while generating revenue for themselves. The Podar Education Network (PEN) provides them with complete support, both academic and non-academic, in establishing and running the school, and also assigns a mentor school to oversee and guide the effort. The initial investment required is INR 2.5 crores and at least 1.5 acres of land.

One of the biggest advantages of PLS is the mentor school concept. Since the Podar International School’s reach is so wide (135 schools), each Podar Learn School is given an existing Podar International School as a mentor School. The Mentor Podar International School is normally within 50km of the Podar Learn School. The Mentor School does regular audits of the PLS and since its an existing running school, the mentor School helps clarify all the doubts the Podar Learn School may have. There are regular interactions between the Podar Learn School Principal and the Mentor School principal.

Podar schools are characterised by consistent quality and uniformity in their ways and tools of imparting education. Podar schools also invest in shaping their students into global citizens by introducing them to technology, English language, and various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities at an early age. Through the PLS initiative, the Podar Group aims to make good quality education accessible to millions of semi-urban and rural Indian children.

About Podar Learn School

Podar Learn School provides complete all-round assistance in setting up a new school in any part of the country with special focus on rural towns. Currently, there are a total of 32 PLS in India across four states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

Podar Learn School (PLS) is a specially designed initiative by the Podar Group of Schools under the aegis of Podar Smarter Schools with the aim to enhance the quality of CBSE/ICSE schools across India. Launched in 2016, PLS is based on the franchise-model under which, the franchise owner can start their own CBSE/ICSE school at the respective location, with 360-degree support from Podar Education Network.

The Podar Group of Schools has been a pioneer in Indian education since 1927 and continues to be a leading brand in the Indian education space. Currently, there are 135 Podar schools educating 1.6 lakh students across the country. Podar Schools are characterised by consistency in quality, operations, and professionalism – one reflection of which is the common curricula, books, lessons, and exams across all of them. Ensuring that their students are well-versed with the times, Podar Schools impart knowledge in Technology and English language from an early age.

Podar Schools have been felicitated by numerous national and international awards, and are consistently hailed among the best in whichever city they are operating in.

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