Marquee Equity Joins Hands with JJM Environmental Solutions in Fundraising

Marquee Equity, a SaaS platform that helps startups/ SMEs in the process of fundraising has recently onboarded JJM Environmental Solutions, LLC – a Florida-based company that has developed a “Patented” invention for on-site custom formulating and the precise application of essential all-natural, organic, and oceanic plant nutrients and supplements to our horticulture landscapes and agricultural food crops, for facilitation of their funding process.

Marquee Equity acts as a bridge between the startups looking for funding and investors/venture capitalists/angel investors thus making the process of fundraising swift and convenient. Marquee’s team collects and curates’ relevant data and projections to create a pitch deck that serves as a critical document in carrying forward the procedure. Once the pitch deck is approved, the AI-backed tech platform performs an investors-finding algorithm and connects the businesses to a suitable set of investors, VCs, etc., thus making the process of fundraising convenient and effective

Ash Narain, Founder & CEO of Marquee Equity comments, “We are very excited to have JJM  Environmental Solutions, LLC on board with us. Since our inception in 2016, Marquee has worked with over 1500 investors and startups. Because of our wide investor pool, we have seen higher success rates as we offer lower costs as compared to other domains. The ultimate goal is to empower every business to be able to get the desired funding and scale their business. With a horticulture venture such as JJM Environmental Solutions, LLC we are hoping to contribute our small bit to the horticulture and agriculture industry”.

Joseph J. Matulis, CEO, and Founder of JJM Environmental Solutions, LLC lauded the team, “My relationship with Marquee Equity started with a request to connect with me on the LinkedIn platform after we thoroughly vetted and researched each other’s companies, it was mutually agreed between Marquee’s team and I to begin the adventurous journey. Interacting with Marquee’s staff has pleasantly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Marquee Equity to anyone who is looking for a dependable, competent, and trustworthy fundraising partner. To date, they have delivered on all their promises, and quite frankly, I cannot imagine they would not continue. I could not be more satisfied and even impressed at their steadfast and unwavering dedication in helping to assist my company in achieving the funding it requires to take it to its next level of ongoing successful development”.

Marquee’s use of technology has helped the company to reduce the cost associated with fundraising. They have built a technology stack at the backend which is the access to every investor in the world be it venture capitalists, angel investors, PE Funds, and others. The resource team onboards investors and screens their criteria. Tech can predict which companies are likely to raise capital and when. Based on that, it reaches out to them, and many companies also approach the SaaS platform directly with their fundraising requirements.

About Marquee Equity 

A SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that aims to make investor access a quick and affordable procedure. It helps entrepreneurs and startups find the appropriate investors and financial coaching so they can develop. Marquee Equity takes pride in claiming to be the world’s most successful and efficient fund-raising agency, with experience in four different business sectors. 

The fintech company opens a doorway to connect with the most excellent angels, super angels, venture capitalists, and private equity firms globally by assisting clients in connecting with the most pertinent investors based on their needs. Additionally, the team offers services to help customers (founders, VCs, PEs, etc.) sell off businesses and investments that do not fit their portfolios and connect with a network of purchasers to sell investments at a good profit. 

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