Beluxe Inc. appoints Marquee Equity as their fundraising partner

Founded in 2016, Marquee Equity acts as a bridge between start-ups and investors~ Marquee Equity, a SaaS fundraising platform, furnished with in-house AI technology, has helped several SMEs across the globe in their fundraising process. Recently, Beluxe Inc. signed up with Marquee Equity to facilitate the fundraising process for the Canadian company.

Beluxe brand fashion and decor products are based on the pop art of Bev Hogue, whose blue paintings of women and wild kingdom creatures are collected worldwide. Her creations are part of the Sugar Coated Femme collection at Pop Gallery in Santa Fe. Recent exhibitions of her work included the Tura, Tura, Tura! show at Lethal Amounts in Los Angeles. The Beluxe studio is located near Niagara Falls, Canada.

Marquee Equity was started with the mission of giving any entrepreneur access to the best investors in the world. It operates as a no-judgment, technology-driven platform that opens up the world’s investors to entrepreneurs wanting to raise capital. Marquee Equity’s proprietary investor discovery algorithm identified a list of investors which their execution team then curated and once approved, investors were approached.

With a team of over 100 employees, Marquee Equity helps 1,500 businesses raise money effectively each year. Ash Narain, Founder & CEO of Marquee Equity comments, “We are always looking for clients in diverse domains to serve and make use of our tech-backend in an efficient way. We are thrilled to have artistic clients such as Beluxe, we are looking forward to working with them”.

Beluxe co-founder Tom Hogue commented that “The team at Marquee is very patient and understanding of our company’s goals and objectives. The team collects and curates relevant data and projections to create a pitch deck that serves as a critical document in carrying forward the procedure. We are looking forward to the next phase of the fundraiser”.

Marquee Equity’s success in raising funds for early-stage startups and SMEs comes from their time-tested methods, which are optimized by leveraging the power of technology. Marquee believes in using technology not to change the dynamic between investors and businesses, but rather to be the appropriate bridge between them.

By matching each entrepreneur with the ideal investors, Marquee Equity seeks to maximize the company’s fundraising efforts. The fintech platform works with businesses of all sizes, from conception to pre-IPO, with check amounts ranging from $100,000 to multibillion-dollar private equity firms that raise money from limited partners. For Beluxe, Marquee also lent its support in the documentation and the startup’s founder also looks forward to dipping into Marquee’s network of investors for future rounds again someday.

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