Marquee Equity Aids eZdia, an e-Commerce Content Agency, in Raising 1 Million USD

Marquee helps raise funds using tech-driven, but time-tested solutions for the e-commerce content marketing firm, eZdia. 

Marquee Equity, a SaaS platform that helps startups get funding, has helped raise an impressive amount of $1 million for the eCommerce content agency, eZdia led by StartupXseed Ventures for their new AI-backed SaaS platform Marquee assisted eZdia at several steps of the fundraising process, one of which was to arrange multiple introductions within its built-in investor ecosystem. 

Ash Narain, Founder & CEO of Marquee Equity comments, “We are very excited to have worked with such an innovative company as eZdia, Marquee curated the campaign to their requirements and helped them to secure investments from top-notch investors in the domain. We have believed in the company from the get-go and witnessing such tremendous response, just makes us work harder for the next phase”.

The team found and selected a list of investors that would be ideal for eZdia’s fundraising requirements using the cutting-edge technology provided by Marquee Equity and its in-house investor-finding algorithm. As opposed to marketplaces and digital listings that publicly display fundraising details, Marquee proceeded to match their clients with their personalized list of investors who would be the best fit for their mutual goals. For eZdia, Marquee garnered a lot of interest from US-based investors.  

With a team of over 100 employees, Marquee Equity helps 1,500 businesses raise money effectively each year. Deepak Goyal, CEO, and Founder of eZdia and lauded the work of the fintech platform and said, “Marquee helped us in making several introductions within their investor eco-system and we can raise our first round of $1 million through their global investor network. We received various positive interests and meetings specifically from the USA. We appreciate the mechanism and API they have in place that worked fairly well for us in closing the round. Additionally, the team has been responsive and their recommendations have been professional and helpful. We wish to continue working with Marquee and build a long-lasting working relationship as we disrupt eCommerce business through our data-driven AI SaaS platform which helps sellers to boost their sales on marketplaces.” 

Marquee Equity’s success in raising funds for early-stage startups and SMEs comes from their time-tested methods, which are optimized by leveraging the power of technology. Marquee believes in using technology not to change the dynamic between investors and businesses, but rather to be the appropriate bridge between them.

By matching each entrepreneur with the ideal investors, Marquee Equity seeks to maximize the company’s fundraising efforts. The fintech platform works with businesses of all sizes, from conception to pre-IPO, with check amounts ranging from $100,000 to multibillion-dollar private equity firms that raise money from limited partners. For eZdia, Marquee also lent its support in the documentation and the startup’s founder also looks forward to dipping into Marquee’s network of investors for future rounds again someday. 

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