Hyderabad-based Pickkup emerges as Fastest Growing Hyperlocal Delivery Startup with 11 fold growth in post COVID period

Instant delivery model, enterprise focused approach

Pickkup has created a first of its kind local delivery model that focuses on providing on demand, instant delivery services for sector agnostic enterprises

Operational since November 2018, the startup already has a team of 100 riders and 50 employees

With an 11 fold growth in the past nine months, the app-based service is targeting 1 lakh orders per month by March 2021

Pickkup has revolutionized the intra city logistics space with its on-demand instant delivery model for businesses. Based in Hyderabad, Pickkup has emerged as the fastest growing last mile delivery startup, registering a whopping 11 fold growth in the last nine months.

Started in 2018 by entrepreneur Hemanth Chandra to solve a real Indian problem – quick delivery of small items in a city. Hyderabad is the first city in India to experience the convenience of last mile deliveries provided by Pickkup. The startup has successfully created a large customer base in a short span of time by overcoming the bottlenecks experienced by enterprises.

Traditional courier companies do not offer on-demand and instant delivery services. On the other hand, most on-demand delivery companies operate in a limited radius.

With Pickkup, all that businesses need to provide is: pick up location, drop location and what needs to be done. Pickkup’s value proposition came from its horizontal play across multiple categories providing radius free intra city deliveries to businesses.

“Lack of efficient pick up & drop service has been a major pain area for businesses that are time and resource strapped. Pickkup’s enterprise based delivery model has served to fulfil this void by establishing a highly efficient last mile delivery model for everything. Our technology based model has been able to effectively utilize the existing network on the ground and demonstrate the ability to scale up and disrupt markets with innovation. The startup registered an overwhelming 400% year on year growth in revenue in its second year.,” said Hemanth Chandra, Founder & CEO of Pickkup.

There is an infinite demand for last mile delivery service in India. Despite a huge COVID induced push to the digital economy, online mode still constitutes just 1.6% of retail sales in India as against 14% globally. Herein lies a huge untapped market for logistics services.

Pickkup serves sector agnostic businesses ranging from grocery platforms, restaurants, ecommerce companies, florists, diagnostics and many more. Interestingly, while it took the startup 12 months to complete its first 50,000 orders, its most recent 50,000 orders were completed within a short span of 6 weeks.

Pickkup has serviced 125+ merchants delivering 2,00,000+ orders covering 15,00,000 kms within Hyderabad with an uncompromising policy for a safe and secure service. The startup is now aiming to achieve 1 lakh orders per month by March 2021. Pickkup is now expecting an exponential rise in deliveries from a strong pipeline of customers that includes Urban Kisaan,  Karachi Bakery, Floweraura, Almond House, Q Mart, Fitness Bowl to name a few.

“Time is precious, more so if one is living in a city. Urban residents are perpetually time-strapped and need efficient on demand services. As per estimates of the United Nations, another 300 million people will be living in Indian urban centers by 2050, creating a huge demand for instant intra city deliveries,” added Hemanth.

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