Influencer Marketing specialist – VavoDigital launches an online marketing app for brands and content creators to connect

The app will allow brands to discover and engage with influencers to execute and monitor media, brands, product, and sales campaigns

VavoDigital a tech-enabled do-it-all platform for influencer marketing is all set to launch a new app for influencers and brands. The new app offers a one-of-a-kind marketplace that directly connects brands and influencers, eliminating the intermediaries. It helps find right brands or content creators to work with, communicate, post, track campaign performances, and more on just one platform. Initially we cover 12+ categories & 3 platforms, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. The influencer marketing industry is set to hit $15 Billion by 2022, 17% of the companies spent over half their marketing budget on working with content creators sustain their business during COVID-19.

The application caters to industries ranging from Lifestyle, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Technology, Finance, Beauty, Education, Entertainment, Business, Travel, Automobile, Sports, Photography, Music & Dance and Health & Fitness. It has been carefully put together keeping in mind the cultural sensibilities of India and Indians. For every businesses Instagram might not be the right platform. Some might find more mileage and audience on other platforms like Youtube or Twitter. The app will be available to all and will have content creators across Mumbai, Delhi/ NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Bhopal and Indore. Brands will be able to promote their products in these locations.

With the onset of the pandemic, brands have shifted their communication strategies and have now begun focusing on more Influencer Marketing, a collaborative and engaging way to market a product to a wider audience as opposed to traditional advertising which is not very focused on customer acquisition. With the influencer community growing at a rapid pace, the application is aimed at helping brands connect with new and upcoming nano/ micro content creators and offer them the opportunity to collaborate with them.

Sharing her views on the same, Neha Puri, Founder & CEO, VavoDigital, said,” Influencer marketing is the one of the first forms of marketing, that allows a two-way communication between the audience and the brands. The idea of VavoDigital was to create a platform where brands can reach out to content creators to grow their business. Our focus is to help S&M businesses find the right set of content creators, all in one single marketplace. Consumers are influenced by a great product that would meet their needs at the right price. By engaging with the right set of content creators, brands can reach their target audience without spending huge amount of money. If a content creator recommends a product, there’s a good chance for his followers to try the product. We aim is to grow this model phase and target Tier 2 cities because of exposure.”

Sharing her thought on the app, Divya Mishra, Influencer, Lucknow, said,” VAVODigital is a comprehensive self-driven online platform connecting influencers and brands to their best fit. It is great platform as it’s easier to reach out to brands that will be require my set of audience and also helps in breaking the clutter of intermediaries so that communication becomes easy and instantaneous. The app has made the process for reaching a brand for collaboration much easier. There are no multiple emails, phone calls or DMs, as everything is available on one application.

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