“O.” is the new album of Niels Mori, french composer and musician. The work is available on limited edition CD, on all digital streaming platforms and on bluespiralrecords.com.

Album description:

“O.” abandons the focus on isolation that we could find with his predecessor “Aftonland” (Quelque Part Records, 2016) to make way for an oceanic landscape, drawn by strings ensemble.
This album is taking us far from the land, with two movements, to cross a fantasy ocean, to the sometimes dull and haunting melodies. We first let ourselves get carried away by a repetitive theme which comes in a series of waves, when the second part of the crossing is quiet, throbbing but comforting.​

The Artist:

Niels Mori was born in 2011, with the desire to offer an intimistic music, between delicate minimalism, imprinted with repetitions, and a sweet electro music, produced by analog machines. After performing several tours in Europe, from France to Russia, Niels Mori offers us the opportunity to rediscover him with his sixth album, simply called “O.”


Performed, recorded and mastered by Niels Mori
Artwork: Anna V.

Get the music: 

Digital platforms ► https://album.link/s/3s1EuNdce5epFqn2fIbbap

Blue Spiral Records ► https://en.bluespiralrecords.com/o

~ Buy CD here!

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