How To Save Water On Laundry

Washing is a very important activity in our lives. Most of our clothes need to be washed for continuous use and this will necessitate depending on water for laundry needs at home, laundry shop or office. Though the traditional method of washing highly depends on water, some right practices and measures can help save the water used up during laundry activities. Saving water on laundry is a comprehensive topic that must be approached from different angles to be effective. Here are a few tips to save water on laundry.

Tips to save water on laundry

Install the right kind of washing machines

Talking of water efficiency, front-loading machines are found to use lesser water than the top-loading ones. While the standard type of washing machines use up to 41 gallons of water per load, efficient washing machines use only about 28 gallons of water. By installing a water-efficient washing machine, a family can save up to 6,000 gallons of water per year. If you cannot choose a front loading machine, look at the water factor rating to decide which one is better than the others.

Select the correct load sizes and load cycles

It is better to wash a full load of laundry. If you have only a few items to wash, adjust the settings to the smallest capacity possible. When you select the right cycle for each load, you will be able to save water besides improving the results of your washing. Unless you have a clear cut need, skip the extra rinse option on the washer. You will not need this option if you use the right amount of detergent and load the washing machine properly. If you can pretreat the stains, you will not need to rewash the clothes.

Bring down the number of washes

Do not throw the clothes for washing after brief periods of wearing them. Every wash reduces the life of the fabric and leads to water wastage. Wear a dress for more number of times before it goes for washing. Follow a schedule for the family on how many times men’s clothes and women’s clothes will go for washing. This will help save water and time used for washing besides lengthening the life of clothes.

Check for leaks in the systems

If you are bent upon saving water, you must not neglect even smaller leaks. In the long run, small leaks can lead to a lot of water wastage. Washers and laundry sinks might be using up water through leaks and drips even when they are not being used. It is good to replace the washer hoses once in at least 3 years. Sometimes, the problem might not be with the washer. Check the plumbing lines to see if there is any water seepage.

Choose hand washing the clothes at some times

Sometimes, wash the clothes by hand if you feel appropriate. Especially this is a good practice for delicate items. This process can use up lesser water than what the washing machines consume.

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