How To Save Water In Summers

Rains are the main sources of water. The water that gets collected on the surface in water bodies and underground tables during the rains are used in our daily lives for various purposes. It is hard to see rains during most summers and hence the water collected already will start fast used up and evaporating during summers. Hence summers are the crucial times when water conservation must happen at its best. Minimizing the water usage during summers can help extend the availability of water till the next rains.

Why save water

Some of the reasons why draught is getting severe these days are due to the fact that we waste a lot of water. This generation takes epic showers and is found obsessed with extensively grassy lawns. Our water management systems are left uncared with outdated methods, equipment, and practices. We fail to conserve as much water as possible during rainy days which leaves us to find a shortage of water during summers. Saving water in fact helps us face summers more efficiently with lesser troubles. Here are a few useful tips to save water in summers.

Tips to save water in summers

Water the yards when the sun is low

Water evaporates very soon when the sun is high up in the sky. Sprinkle water onto your yards and garden when the sun is low in order to see that the water will stay in the soil for more time and will have enough time to seep into the ground to reach the plant roots.

Drip irrigation will work well far better than the sprinklers. This is because drip irrigation system sends the required amount of water where it has to reach without wasting it. Make your water irrigation system more efficient by taking advantage of some rebates.

Go for drought-tolerant varieties of plants. This is because summer is the time when plants need more water. For example, thirsty turfs of grass can be replaced with drought-tolerant garden. This will minimize the need to water them and also minimize the need to mow the lawn often.

Do the toilet test to check if there are any leaks

Add some food coloring or dye tablets into your toilet tank. If you spot the color showing up in the bowl when you are not flushing the toilet, it will mean that the tank is leaking. This can lead to a huge water wastage that might happen silently. Sometimes, the remedy could be an inexpensive thing like a rubber flapper. If this is the case, procure one that suits your toilet’s model and fix it to set right the problem.

Use the water-efficient dishwasher and other fittings

Dishwashers clean the dishes with lesser water than what it takes to clean them manually. Fix some water efficient faucets, aerators, showerheads and other fixtures to save water.

Go for commercial car wash

Car wash is one activity that uses up a lot of water. Go for a commercial car wash to save water. Some car wash outlets have implemented some practices to recycle the water used for washing cars. Choose such environment-friendly businesses over the others.

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