Herbal Strategi is setting the bars high in the herbal care product in-home care segment

Among the million herbal and natural brands across the world, Herbal Strategi stands out with its unique features

With its herbal cleaners, insect repellents, pet products, and more, Bengaluru-based startup Herbal Strategi advocates a clean and natural life without the use of chemicals. Herbal Strategi encourages healthy living practices by providing innovative herbal care products that best suit the growing need of people in keeping their environment safe and eco-friendly.

“In Herbal Strategi, I have found my true calling. We believe that it is possible to ensure good health, a clean home, and a healthy pet without the use of harmful chemicals. We work with one objective – to bring to customers high quality herbal products that are free from chemicals” said John Thomas, Founder of Herbal Strategi.

There is a growing awareness on the need for safe and eco-friendly homecare. Hence, Herbal Strategi came out with a wide range of herbal products with a selection of rigorously tested eco-friendly and safer options. All the products are 100% natural, vegan and free of artificial ingredients. All the products are pet friendly and they offer eco-friendly alternatives to everyday product.

“Our products are a result of inspiration from our customers. Our customers have suggested ideas, provided feedback, encouraged us through repeat purchases and endorsed our products to their friends and relatives. Our customers are ambassadors for our products. The effectiveness of our products is reflected in customer acceptance” added John Thomas.

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