Germin8 enables brands to get industry-specific ontologies with their upgraded tool Germin8 social listening

Germin8 empowers brands with industry insights, that help in making better marketing decisions with their upgraded GSL (Germin8 Social Listening) tool

Germin8, India’s leading digital media intelligence company, today announced the addition of key new features to its proprietary tool Germin8 Social Listening. Germin8 specializes in Digital and Social Media Intelligence, allowing brands to understand and act in real-time on their marketing plans through the use of proprietary AI tools. The researchers and analysts at Germin8 use one such proprietary tool called GSL (Germin8 Social Listening), to track and record relevant brand driven social media conversations. The tool has been updated with two new features that help brands to get actionable, industry specific insights.

The new additions benefit brands and marketers to understand their industry, basis which they can improve customer experience for their products and touch points, and make the conversation with the customer more relevant and engaging. Being aware of this market need and always ahead of the technology curve Germin8 has updated their GSL tool enabling research coverage across multiple UGC (user-generated content) sites, Industry-specific ontologies, aspect-based sentiment analysis and segment by author demographics and influence. All of this will enable the marketers to choose the right marketing mix for their brand. The features help in understanding the market and appropriate for the brand. Basis the insights shared by the tool, brands can think of ways to improve customer experience, add new features to their products and improve their communication. These insights further add value to the clients and businesses.

Sharing his thoughts on this market beneficial update of the GSL tool, Dr. Ranjit Nair, CEO, and Founder, Germin8, said, “We are always looking to push the boundaries of our technology through customer led innovation. With the updated tool, we have made social media listening much more actionable and relevant. It will help our clients improve their product adoption and customer retention, thanks to insights that will improve the customer experience across the entire customer journey. These product improvement helps in improving marketing ROI because of more relevant communication and campaigns. We are also able to listen, monitor and act in real time across industries, thus enabling our clients to go to market, well prepared.”

Germin8 Social Listening in essence helps brands with insights derived from analyzing conversations from social media platforms. It collects and analyses conversations in real time from public and private sources and converts them into industry-specific actionable insights and leads.

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