Entrepreneur Prachi Garg: Founder of Ghoomophiro.com

The focus towards corporate trips and event organization has led to many startups and consultants coming up with the idea of managing and organizing it for companies. Usually, corporates like to hire someone else to organize the whole event, which has led to a very interesting business idea around the concept of traveling and tourism.


In India, this idea is still in its niche stage and there is a definite potential that can be tapped by startups.

On these lines, we talked to the founder of Ghoomophiro, literally meaning, roam around. She describes how she thought of starting this venture and what she plans to do in future.

We present an email interview with Prachi Garg.

Q1. You you got the idea to start Ghoomophiro.com?

I am an avid traveler. During one of my trips to Pachmarhi (MP), it struck me why not I should interact with localites, and just be the mediator between them and the organizations ( During those days, I was working for an MNC, where one of my KRA’s was to organize team events for my team members in minimal budgets), which could prove to be a win win situation for all of us.

Q2. What was the motive of picking this name, which seems to be pretty catchy?

name was purely a serendipity. I was sitting and registering the name for the website, and suddenly my younger sister suggested, why not ghoomophiro, as it would be on people’s mind for long, and branding will happen automatically. i tried registering it, and to my surprise it was available.

Q3. What types of customer you have right now?

Since we are niche providers for corporate trips/events, our customers are primarily the corporate who are looking for someone who can organize team events/day out/evening party/dinner outing for their employees.

Q4. How you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

The industry we are in, its the quality of service, and the quick turnaround, value of money that differentiates us.

Q5. How do you market yourself?

Since it is still at naive stage, word of mouth, social media have been the major marketing tools so far. Idea is to market it virally.

Q6. What is your target geography?

Currently we are targeting NCR as our primary costumers, though bit of Chennai/Bangalore has also been covered.

Q7. What are your plans for the future?

We hope to extend our services to the metro school students by coming up niche product line for them in terms of educational tours/rural tours to give them a better idea of how does actual India looks like and preparing better future citizens out of them.

Q8. Any message to the young entrepreneurs?

Not the small hiccups should bring you down. If you have an idea, just go ahead, though with the backup. :):)

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