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In the wake of various types of mobile sets being launched by companies (often engaged in lawsuits with one another), here is a comparison shopping site that lets you to find best prices of mobile phones, Laptops, Tablets and much more. offers you various models of gadgets that you can choose from after you have carefully compared them with others and have zeroed down the best suited to your needs.

We present an email interview with Sanjeev Kumar from

Q1. Tell us how you got the idea to start

There has been a boom in online shopping in India in the last couple of years. There was a need for a site to aid the discovery and comparison of products across categories; by this we mean users need to find everything available for sale online in India in one place for a category like home products, where we air discover ability – for a category like mobiles and other electronic items, people want to compare specifications, find the right product, read expert and user reviews and finally see the best available price in the market and then buy the product. We aid in both these steps : making the product truly unique – we are not just a price comparison site, we provide the user with end to end shopping assistance online. 

Q2. What market-size you are tapping?

We are trying to tap all online shoppers in India – which is roughly about 20Million users a year. We aim to aid the discovery, price and technical comparison and selection of products for online shoppers.

Q3. What types of customers you cater to presently?

We are currently live with mobiles, laptops, tablets, homestore and coupons. We are going to add books, cameras, apparel and other sections shortly. We aim to cater to all online shoppers.

Q4. How has been the response till now?

Very good – traffic is growing week on week, more users are also going over to ecommerce stores from our sites, and we assume are closing transactions there. We are adding value to the ecommerce ecosystem and want to enhance both the breadth and depth of our offerings in the coming weeks, by adding additional tools and enhanced content for the users.

Q5. What promotional activities you use to market

We mainly focus on social media & search engine optimization to promote my site, since most large sites are built around these. In addition, we would like to spread the word about iShopper through channels such as these.

Q6. A message you would like to convey to our readers about starting their own venture.

First and Formost, be passionate – most startups take many iterations and a lot of perseverance to be successful – If you have the passion you will see through the difficult phase, and things will soon start to go your way. I think perseverance  dedication, attention to detail, great execution are attributes that increase the chances of success for startups.

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