Interview with singing sensation Harshdeep Kaur

She was born in Delhi but later on moved to Mumbai to pursue her dreams for singing.

She belonged to a musical family but she become the first female singer to win two reality shows. She studied music from her father but took formal classes also from Mr. Tejpal Singh, popularly known as the Singh Brothers, and Western classical music fom George Pullinkala.

The famous lady who sung “Ek Onkar” for A R Rahman and went on to sing in many films, Harshdeep Kaur tells us that her family has been her support and critic in a positive sense.

She says that she was inspired by a lot of artists but always wanted to emulate late Jagjit Singh who enjoyed such a vast gathering of audience for his concerts.

We present a telephonic interview with Harshdeep.

2 thoughts on “Interview with singing sensation Harshdeep Kaur”

  1. Harmanpreet Kaur says:

    Being a girl , I think that our parents dn’t allow us to participate in field of singing or dancing but Harshdeep’s parents support will be one of the main reason for her success . Lucky girl and definetly lucky parents !

  2. Heena Garg says:

    I am proud of this girl because she has become an inspiration for many girls….she sings in a very good manner by her songs.. she did not insulted Punjabi culture by her song lyrics..Not only Punjabis like her,infact whole India proud of her and love her songs…

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