Economically cheap ways of advertising your online startup

Advertising your online startupI will discuss some economically cheap methods that you can explore to advertise and market your online startup business. You can also call them cheap marketing methods.

1. Printing on the car/mobike

I have personally tried this method and it works. Get the website URL of your online startup on your car, bike, scooter. Whenever and wherever you roam, you are advertising. The choice of color in which you will get the name printed does has an impact. Though you would prefer to get it printed in red, but if the glasses are not glazed with black, prefer white color. Red color does not work too much. However, if you are going it to be printed on the body, then you can go for red seeking the contrast color of your vehicle. On motorbikes and scooters, red color works. During night, these words reflect because they are radium coated. So, even in night, you advertise your online startup.

2. Inserting leaflets in newspapers

Advertising in a newspaper is a costly affair. However, if you have printed leaflets, you can insert them in newspapers, which is very economical in comparison. Try to target the audience in a very creative way. Leaflets in pink/yellow color does not work that much. Try to keep a simple color in white just like Google. The rates of printing may differ according to size and colors used. However, if you don’t need designing, the job is really cheap. For insertion of these leaflets, you need to visit depots of cities that you want to target, which operate at 3:00 in the morning. The usual rate is like 20 INR for 100 newspapers. Overall, this method is far-far economical than even placing an online ad.

3. Visiting cards

Try to hand out your visiting cards wherever you go. This is very helpful if you are keen and interested in attending events etc. The idea is to reach earlier and place a visiting card on every attendee seat. Whoever sits on the seat will instantly come to know about your venture.

4. Presentations in schools/colleges

This idea involves spending time instead of money. If you are good speaker or have some sort of knowledge in any area, try to give presentations and seminars in schools and colleges. In fact, you can talk about communication skills and personality development if you don’t want to bother them with technical stuff. Mention your venture’s name in the presentation and ask them to connect to you if they want.

5. T-shirts

If possible, get your website printed on T-shirts. This is not mass advertising but it still has its own viewership.

6. Friends’ blogs

If you have friends who have websites or blogs, ask them to link to your website with a chosen keyword as the anchor text. Research carefully about the keyword and focus on it.

5 thoughts on “Economically cheap ways of advertising your online startup”

  1. SMS blasting services too are comparatively cheaper..

    1. Sumita somani says:

      how much is that?

  2. Dr. Pramod Sahu says:

    God suggestions

  3. vimal kumar verma says:

    Good one !

  4. Jyoti Garg says:

    These are the great methods for advertising.
    But i think social networks are also a good and cheap methods for this purpose. Like we can create a Facebook page for our business.

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