BVM Global School and Propeller Technologies light up Coimbatore skies for over 500 students

BVM Global School, in partnership with Propeller Technologies, illuminated the skies of Coimbatore with a captivating air show in Coimbatore on March 9. The event was designed to ignite the passion for aviation in young minds, treating over 500 students to an exhilarating front-row experience delving into the world of miniature flights.

The air show featured an eclectic mix of miniature models, including Control Line Aircrafts, Trainer Model Aircraft, Helicopters, Glider Aircraft, Ornithopters, and 3D aircraft. This comprehensive display showcased the wonders of aerodynamics and highlighted the exciting intersection of science, engineering, and technology in the dynamic field of aviation.

“The breathtaking airshow transported us into the captivating realm of aviation, leaving an indelible mark on our memories. Witnessing various miniature planes up close was a moment we will forever treasure,” said Tarun Sathish, a Class V student. 

Mr. Subramanyam Kantheti, CEO of Veranda K-12 which manages BVM Global Schools, shared his excitement, saying, “Our commitment at BVM Global School extends beyond conventional education. The air show organized by Propeller Technologies perfectly aligns with our dedication to providing holistic experiences that nurture curiosity and a profound love for learning among our students.”

Mr. Aashik Rahman, Founder & CEO of Propeller Technologies, echoed the enthusiasm, stating, Collaborating with BVM Global School to bring this air show to life has been immensely gratifying. Our mission is to ignite the passion for aviation in the next generation and to demonstrate the boundless possibilities within the world of aerodynamics.”

The air show successfully sparked curiosity among students, offering them an up-close encounter with the wonders of aviation. Propeller Technologies and BVM Global School are committed to an ongoing collaboration aimed at inspiring and educating the future generation of aviation enthusiasts.

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