Radio hosts are buzzing about “A TREASURED WORLD” the surprise single released by SPOTTED PECCARY MUSIC.

Spotted Peccary Music announces the long-anticipated return of the popular epic-ambient duo David Helpling & Jon Jenkins with the new single A TREASURED WORLD, now available worldwide.

Ten years after the completion of their genre-defining trilogy of cinematic ambient albums, David Helpling and Jon Jenkins are back with the stunning new single, A TREASURED WORLD.

On March 8th, the duo revealed that they have been secretly crafting new music at Deep Exile Studio, and released A TREASURED WORLD as an unannounced surprise on the Spotted Peccary Music label. Ten years after their album FOUND, the new single marks the long-anticipated return of the revered duo and serves as an awe-inspiring reminder of the unmistakable magic that happens when Helpling & Jenkins work together side by side. A TREASURED WORLD is the first new music to emerge from their recent recording sessions, delighting radio hosts and fueling the hopes of multitudes of Helpling Jenkins listeners that something larger may be on the horizon.

“At this point we’re just releasing the one track, but there is much more music in the works,” explains Jenkins. “We just wanted to release this one now because it really feels like a meaningful way to commemorate the trilogy for the listeners while looking ahead to the next chapter at the same time, sort of a musical bridge across time and on toward the future.”

How far in the future is anyone’s guess, but, according to Helpling, listeners certainly won’t be waiting another decade. “As we crossed the ten year anniversary of our last release, FOUND, our schedules opened up and it felt like the perfect occasion to get back into the studio together. When we did, we instantly knew the magic was still there and found ourselves easily back in the creative space.”

Listeners will hear that the Helpling Jenkins creative fire is still burning just as brightly as it was for their beloved trilogy of albums, TREASURE, THE CROSSING, and FOUND, which earned the duo an unprecedented five Zone Music Awards from radio broadcasters in the genre, and set a new standard for epic-ambient music. The enduring international success of these albums more than a decade after their release leaves no doubt that the combined artistic vision of Helpling & Jenkins remains beyond compare, and A TREASURED WORLD opens a new chapter, proving that the duo’s story hasn’t ended yet. It’s a welcome homecoming into the heart of a grand new adventure.

With a stunning cover image created by Jourdan Laik, A TREASURED WORLD was written recorded and produced by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins at Deep Exile Studio, and mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary PNW Studios. The track is available at all streaming and digital music outlets, including as a “name-your-price” download at Bandcamp and high resolution studio master formats.

Buy / Listen Links:
Music Streaming Smartlink: https://orcd.co/a-treasured-world

Spotted Peccary Webshop Page: https://spottedpeccary.com/shop/a-treasured-world-single/

Bandcamp: https://helpling-jenkins.bandcamp.com/track/a-treasured-world

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1EvH2uBH63GMUylSVZWWT6?si=1nfQVRxzQQKv20N746aKdw

Amazon: https://music.amazon.com/albums/B0CWMZDXB8

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