Amway India strengthens its herbal skincare category with the launch of Attitude Insta Nourish Herbals Range

·         The range offers to give your skin a daily dose of nourishment and hydration for naturally glowing skin.

Strengthening itsleadership in the herbal skincare category, Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG direct selling companies, announced the launch of Attitude Herbals Insta Nourish Range. With this, Amway is looking at offering effective herbal products to its discerning audiences that promise the right mix of indigenous ingredients, pleasant sensorial experience, appealing formats and instagenic packaging.

Commenting on the launch of the new range, Anshu Budhraja, CEO, Amway India, said, “Given our success in the herbal’s nutrition and skincare market, we announced Attitude Insta Nourish Herbals Range in the herbal skincare segment, in an appealing youth friendly format. We are repositioning Attitude as a young modern herbal brand through a fresh and revamped look targeted towards the youth. We are expecting to generate 33% of the total revenue of the beauty category from herbal skincare alone by 2025. According to a recent Deloitte India report, amid the current scenario with most people staying indoors, skincare has taken precedence over color cosmetics and make up products. Consumers today are extremely conscious about the products they use, especially in skincare and are looking for herbal products that are highly benefit-driven and clinically tested with strong claims.”

Commenting on the launch of the product, Ajay Khanna CMO, Amway India said, “The pandemic has taught us that today beauty is no longer external, it has evolved as a way of self-love and indulgence. Taking a cue from this evolving trend and change in consumer perception, we launched Attitude’s latest range of products for youth. The range has been developed keeping in mind the self-aware and conscious youth, encouraging them to love themselves first in order to love someone else better. With an ‘Instagenic’ packaging, the products are dermatologically tested and free from Parabens, Silicones, mineral oil and non-comedogenic to meet the skincare needs of youth. Following its foray into the herbals skincare category with Attitude Be Bright Herbals in 2019, Amway India is targeting close to 45% contribution to the overall revenue of herbal products under Attitude range by 2021 with the launch of this new range.”

Speaking about the new range, Anisha Sharma, Vice President – Beauty, Personal Care & Communities said, “Post extensive research that was conducted with young Indian women, Nourishment and Hydration were considered as desirable spaces which youngsters are looking for in their skincare products. The Attitude Insta Nourish Herbals Range is a new age take on herbal skincare, giving it a modern, youthful and playful look, keeping in mind our audiences. The latest range is targeted towards the skin-conscious youth & is specially curated for their unique skin type in differentiated textures, so that they can indulge in self-love for their skin, which will provide them a daily dose of nourishment & hydration for a beautiful natural glow from within. Encouraging self-love, the Attitude Insta Nourish Herbals Range consists of four products – a Creamy Face Wash & a Rich Cream for Dry Skin, and a Gel Face Wash & a Gel Cream for Oily Skin. With nourishment and hydration as the core benefit, the oily skin range products provide an additional benefits of excess oil control whereas the dry skin range products provide an additional benefit of deep moisturization.”

At the heart of this range is the performing ingredient – Indian Gooseberry known as a nourishing agent which supports for a naturally glowing and healthy-looking skin. Along with Indian Gooseberry, we have a supporting ingredient for every product that enhances its value. For the dry skin range, we have almond oil and argan oil. For oily Skin, we have sage extract and wild rose berry. The ‘Attitude Herbals Insta Nourish Range’ will be sold through Amway Direct Retailer/Amway Direct Sellers or can also be purchased through a servicing Amway Direct Retailer/Amway Direct Seller by visiting

Currently, the overall beauty category is pegged at INR 204 billion and within this, skin care stands at INR 128 billion, indicating the ongoing revival in the FMCG domain, led by the beauty category, as also indicated in a recent Nielsen report. This growth is a testament to the high potential of the industry with increased demand for natural and organic products.

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