What kind of boss your startup should not have?

The most important factor that makes an employee or a team member stick to your startup or company is the reporting manager–the personality, attitude, character, and the acumen of the reporting manager will make sure that the right kind of talent stays within the team. A lot of companies suffer from huge attrition rate in terms of number of employees leaving because they are not satisfied by the way their reporting manager or the so-called boss treats them or utilizes them.

Let’s discuss some attributes that a reporting manager or a boss should not have while leading a team in a startup

  • The boss should not be incompetent

 I have seen this to be one of main reasons. If the reporting manager is not competent, the employees will never be able to convey the ideas effectively. The real strength and expertise of every individual member of the team would not be recognized and the work culture will move in a haphazard manner.

  • The boss should not be dissatisfied

If the boss himself is dissatisfied or not convinced about the idea or policies of the company, the employees will never be given their fair share of their work. The boss can never take up their cause because they themselves are not sorted out.

  • The boss should know employees’ skills

If the boss does not know what skills and expertise all the employees bring to the team, the proper utilization of the resources will not be done. I have seen it happening in many teams where wrong people are doing wrong tasks just because nobody knows who can do what.

  • The boss should not be jealous

If the boss is jealous of the looks and personality of others, he/she is not the right person to be in that position. External appearance should be of least concern and getting work done should be the first concern.


Apart from these points, I have noticed a lot of managers have various types of issues including having an attitude on superiority, hypocrisy, believing in shredding the junior’s confidence to make him realize his position, not able to plan a strategy, believing in burdening the employees with workload that is not necessary, believing in making the life of employees a hell as the only way to prove he is the boss, etc.

All these traits are dangerous for any type of employee in any organization, but they are particularly harmful if you have a startup and a manager full of these.

Stay away from them!

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