Social media marketing strategy for startups on Facebook

Social media strategy for startups

When it comes to social media marketing strategy, a lot of startups have week knees because they think it is a huge task and can’t be done in-house. They quickly figure out that an outside agency should handle their accounts. A lot of money is spent with minimum to moderate results.

While actually, startups can gain a lot of business and results from social media marketing strategy if they plan and execute in in-house, because they themselves own the product and service and know it inside-out.

Just remember: There would be no one who understands your product/service better than you.

Though I don’t want to discount the intelligence that experts may give to you but leaving it completely off to third-party is not the ideal thing to do.

Social media strategy for startups on Facebook

  • Use Intelligent copy that has an engaging and thought-provoking impact of the audience
  • Usage of has tags for keywords that you are targeting on your SEO strategy
  • Within seconds, a lot of accounts should share and engage with individual posts. It boosts virality of the posts organically. Ideally, all the team members should share, like and comment on the update.
  • Check user behavior and when maximum number of people are online. Post the updates accordingly.
  • Must have great creatives, viedeos.
  • The updates should be mixture of interactive items like jokes, quiz, facts, information, and regular stuff related to your site.
  • If possible, run small campaigns and contests to increase the engagement
  • Make sure you have a personalized tone for your page, so that the audience feel that an actual person is managing the page.

There are whole lot of other things that you can do and most of them come from the experience over time as you continue handling your Facebook presence. Keep learning and keep executing!

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