Nova Eyewear a global brand under Vision Rx Lab, associated with the young youth icon Vikrant Massey for their Blumax range by creating funky yet cool digital campaign videos to promote the advanced blue light protective product line. The brand also launched its Nova 3D Tryon feature for its customer to experience the whole new Nova range at the comfort of their home. While Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez continues to be the global brand ambassador of Nova Eyewear, Vikrant Massey has been roped in particularly for Blumax promotions.

The pandemic has increased our digital usage worldwide. As our quest for vaccine for COVID -19 virus is on, we all have adapted to the ‘New Normal’ life viz. juggling between screens of either big or small digital devices for remote working, e- learning, online purchases and transactions etc. Additionally limited mobility has increased our screen time for social networking and entertainment. At this, stage the need for clear vision and protection has become a prerequisite and a brand like Nova Eyewear is here to cater to the requirements of visual clarity, comfort and protection with a bouquet of eyewear solutions, spanning advanced lenses with frames and safety eyewear. The new Blumax collection in fashionable frames will stop our exposure to harmful HEV (High Energy Visible) blue lights emitted from those digital devices and protect our eyes.

Nova Eyewear has always valued its customer’s need and launched a wide range of products, which would be relevant for its end consumers. To leverage its Blumax range, Nova Eyewear has roped in the talented and most versatile actor Vikrant Massey to reach out to their target audience who suffers the most from the challenges of harmful blue light exposure in course of their work and other digital activities.

In the series of video launched by Nova EyewearVikrant Massey portrayed how he developed habits of binge-watching and why those specialized filtered lenses from Blumax come to his rescue. Unlike most other blue cut lens, Blumax is not any coating, but a revolutionary lens material which provides optimum protection from harmful junk light. The lenses come in a wide array of stylish frames complimenting your styles for every occasion. The products are available at optical retail chains in India and Nova Eyewear’s official website.

On this association, Vikrant Massey expressed that, “In these challenging times people are in need of products which are relevant to their personal well being. I myself cannot go out much like I used to do before and while being digitally proactive these products have really helped me to keep my vision safe. It is always a great experience to work with such responsible brands who aims to add value to their customer’s lives”.

Ms. Pammi Jamalpuria, VP-Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab, pioneer of international eyewear brand, Nova Eyewear commented that, “As a complete eyewear brand, Nova Eyewear endeavors to meet the visual requirements of consumers as they adapt to changing times and lifestyles. To promote Blumax protective lenses for visual health and digital well being, it felt apt to associate with Vikrant who had built a reputation for himself for the character roles he has rightly donned. We are sure that with his persona and popularity would help to highlight the importance of the product to the customers and elevate Nova Blumax to new levels.”

Please find below the YouTube link of the video:

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