Startup Willnevergrowup–interview with founder Asif Upadhye

What about having fun in life! Do you feel there is an acute need of feeling “alright” and “okay” in your day-to-day routine, which might revolve around house-office-business? If yes, you are not alone. Lots of people feel the same way, but some take it as an opportunity and plunge in solving this issue like a true entrepreneur.

Will Never Grow Up is such a startup that deals with reducing stress, creating fun and trying to enjoy the life in the true sense of the term. It conducts workshops, run clubs, sell funny products, and want to involve people who are ready to explore this childlike-side so as to enjoy the world.

2INDYA had an email interview with Asif Upadhye, the founder of

Asif UpadhyeQ1. Tell us something about How you thought of starting such a funny (!) venture?

This 8 month old venture started with the core belief that there is a child inside us that does not want to grow up. A part of us always tries to escape from the rut of our daily lives. Today, one will find a lot of people who have compartmentalized life into either a job done for survival and other activities over weekends. A lot of working professionals/individuals want to pursue hobbies but don’t have oodles of time. This where we offer cool and quirky workshops, fun@work concepts so that people can take a break from their routines and connect with themselves and the child within them. For corporate’s, this becomes a great tool for engaging with their staff as a motivated and happy employee is more likely to stay in the organization and this has an impact of the bottom line.

Must add that as a company, we are pretty serious about having fun!

Q2. It sounds strange to tell people not to grow up, for, it is matter of maturity. How has been the response from your clients till now?

The response has been overwhelming. Clients and customers have both loved the concept and associate with it.  Over the last 8 months, we have grown from offering workshops for individuals, to quirky merchandise – to corporate ‘Work life balance and Fun at Work’ concepts and are now operational in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Q3. Who exactly are your customers or targeted audience? Is there a market size that you are targeting? Do you collaborate with corporate houses or companies to let you conduct your workshops for the employees?

Our customers are primarily corporate houses and individuals (working professionals). While we conduct fun weekend workshops for individuals at large, we also carry out various staff engagement and fun workshops for corporate houses as part of trainings, offsite programs and other areas.

Q4. What is the source of revenue that you are seeking?

There are three sources of revenue based on our activities i.e. Workshops, corporate concepts and quirky merchandise.

Q5. Do you feel there is space for competition in it?

There is space for competition but the market is currently scattered.

Q6. What you feel is the value of innovation in your business?

For Never Grow Up innovation and differentiation through our concepts, ideas and workshop content (besides execution) has been the key. In the last eight months, we have not repeated a single public workshop and have constantly looked at presenting new and fresh ideas and concepts for our customers and clients.

Q7. Talking about stress at the workplace, do you feel such venture has a long-going potential in the Indian market?


Q8. What is the scope of expansion and what is your vision about it?

We see Never Grow Up crossing geographical boundaries in the months to come with expansion plans to other cities and a few new product offerings in the ‘Work life Balance and Fun at Work’ space  by Q1 next year.

Q9. How you liked the journey till now as an entrepreneur, being able to start an online concept that appears unique?

The journey has been challenging and very high on the learning curve. The core product proposition is in the manifestation and spotless execution of our online concepts to people at large. Speaking and interacting with customers and clients is the key.

Q10. Any advice for future entrepreneurs from your personal and professional experience?

While I am fairly young in my journey as an entrepreneur, what I could share (based on my understanding) is to hang in there! Obstacles have a way of disappearing if you have the right attitude. The idea is to keep walking!

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  1. Ajit Kamath says:

    Great work Asif,

    Best wishes,
    Ajit Kamath

  2. Leena Ramani says:

    Very innovative endeavour,U will go a longway Asif.
    Leena Ramani

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