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Madhurie SinghKids are the hope of future. They carry within themselves the potential that will further the cause of human race. In every doctrine around the world, it is mentioned that in the purest form, man is indeed God. God created human-kind in its own image. However, like the ocean put in a vessel with condensed freedom, the potential of each individual could vary from low to high. But, no human is without the spark of the creator. At the core, we all are fueled by the same universal energy.

Okay, quick switch to the practical world, which is like a play–when we are on stage, we need to acknowledge the talent that each performer has got. Kids are our focus because their potential is unnoticed, untapped and needs honing to make it shine in its pristine form.

Blending traditional ways with the modern technology to bring out creativity, analytical approach and various forms of talent is the challenge or the task at hand. SuperIndianKid seems to be doing just this. The venture started by a visionary woman entrepreneur has grown into a full-fledged institute, which is about to successfully complete its startup phase.

SuperIndianKid is Pune based center that provides real-time consultation services about what types of creative activities a child should involve in to make sure that it develops its own art.

Madhurie Singh, mother of two kids, had to face the common dilemma of engaging her children in some activity to make them busy, buy some time for herself, while making sure that the kids like what they do and perhaps later on develop a talent out of it. However, as she struggled to make this idea work, she came out with something very unique and novel.

We had an email interview with Madhurie.

Q1. Tell us something about SuperIndianKid. How you thought of starting it?

SuperIndianKid is the result of the problem I was facing.

Like all kids, they (my kids) got bored of any new activities and the ones that they did finally enjoyed, suddenly discontinued, as the teacher left in-between.

Also, I realized my folly of trying to buy time for myself by enrolling my two sons in the same activity, where one would be happy and the other bored. That’s when the thought of assessing my kids’ interest germinated and led to the birth of SuperIndianKid.

Madhurie SinghQ2. What exactly do you do through this venture? I mean how should we describe your venture: a school, an institution, an academy or a training program?

It’s an activity center where we assess PASSION. The center is a one-stop center for activities, hobbies, vocations where one can first get the passions or interests assessed scientifically, and later hone the skills in any area of intelligence. We have tied up with various coaches across Pune city for as many activities as feasible.

SuperIndianKid is phased into 2 phases:

In phase 1, we expose kids aged 4 years to 10 years to around 50 different activities categorized in 8 different areas of intelligence. We have indoor games like gymnastics, chess, carom, pool, table tennis, badminton; out door sports like football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, swimming, tennis; all types of music and musical instruments; all forms of art and craft; personality development; dramatics; brain sharpening activities and disaster management.

We assess the intelligence, interest, aptitude, happiness and abilities continuously for 2-3 months. This assessment is based on inputs from the coaches and trainers and recorded through questionnaires. We also video-record sessions to capture personality and behavioral factors. And then provide a result to the parents as to which area if intelligence their child is passionate about. We assess the personality, strengths, weakness, likes and dislikes and intelligence to arrive at the Passion.

In phase 2, the passion area is taken seriously and dedicated coaching is done in that area. This way all the hassle, waste of money and time is avoided which otherwise would take years of confused struggle with no focus.

Q3. Talking about your targeted audience, what market size you are targeting? Which are you presently concentrating and are you looking to expand it?

The age group that we are catering to is 4 years to 15 years. Although by 11 years, most kids do come to pick some hobby which may and most likely may not be their passion. The chances of sticking to a hobby is more when kids are passionate about it.

All Indians are target audience. Any age group people can get their passion assessed. The center runs all other activities for all age group everyday where anyone can learn any skill or hobby.

Q4. What is your business strategy and how has been the response to it so far?

The intention was to serve the society and serving others has no competition. You know when you are very sure of the result and the steps, there is no need to use any strategy. Strategy is used now when you have to fight against enemies or competition. I really do not want to fight and loose my sleep. I got into it for my kids and later with the amount of research that went into developing the questionnaire and the whole plan of action, it was very natural for me to offer it to all children in the neighborhood.

The response has been overwhelming as I am not creating any new want but providing a solution to an existing need.

Q5. What is the USP of SuperIndianKid?

The USP is it’s uniqueness itself. This is the only center where parents can send their kids for any activity their child is interested into under one roof. The USP is the ability to assess the passion of kids and adults by actually exposing them to various activities.

Madhurie SinghQ6. Do you feel there is space for competition in it?

Of course! I would welcome competitors as the demand is humongous as compared to the supply. The tough part is not the idea or planning; it’s execution of the idea that will define the winners.

Q7. What you feel is the value of innovation in your venture?

I only responded to the needs of my kids. There is nothing rocket science in it. Yes, I did work hard to design the questionnaire which captures the passion of the kids quite accurately. So, that is the value which no other center can provide.

The second value is the sincerity provided by the coaches and the trainers. They are more conscious with kids at SuperIndianKid as their one yes or no can lead to a child pursuing or not pursuing any activity/hobby in future. We want to be right there as far as possible. Though like any human being, kids keep evolving every day and hence a regular exposure to any old or new hobby should be allowed.

Q8. What essential quality you look for while selecting your team members?

Earlier it was gut feeling. Now, I combine it with Thomas personal profile assessment after I certified as their International consultant.

Q9. What is the scope of expansion and what is your vision about it?

We are approached by several individuals and schools with franchise offer. So the next logical step is to develop a franchise business model. My vision is to vent out stress from the kids and parents in our society through SuperIndianKid program.

Q10. How you liked the journey till now as an entrepreneur, being able to start a business?

I am enjoying every moment of it as I know this time of struggle will not be for long. I also provide guest lectures to MBA students and feel people like us are the best teachers of business to the students. Once we become more successful, we forget the struggle undergone, as it’s a natural mechanism of human system.

Q11. Any advice for future early-stage entrepreneurs from your personal and professional experience?

Loads of it.

  1. Do not plan too much.
  2. If you are sure of your idea, just get on with it. Phase it out. Take breaks and look back to review and remodel every 3 months initially and later as the model starts to evolve itself, the reviewing should be spaced out yearly.
  3. The focus should be to achieve the next smaller goal, keeping mind the larger vision. But never think that just because you started with some idea, you have to stick to that vision only. Your vision can grow into any direction and that’s the beauty of a startup.
  4. Never worry of what people will say. They will say anyways.
  5. Keep talking and reading. I read related and unrelated stuff. You never know what brings that eureka idea in combination with your.
  6. Keep away from complications. Keep away from consultants who use cryptic jargon. In fact if you are sure, you will never need them.
  7. Try to keep your cost low. Do as many roles yourself. Do not get tempted to hire people at the early. A true entrepreneur is a multitasker to the core.
  8. Never give away shares of the company until the partner is worthy of actually bringing in business. Rest all can be hired after some time. And you can survive that by working hard.
  9. Do not hire people unless they have the same passion as yours. And if you have made that mistake, be quick to act on it ASAP.
  10. Keep the resources as low as possible. Rent, borrow as much as possible with no shame or guilt.
  11. Invest everything into the product building, services and brand building.
  12. Do not form any entity till you are very sure as to what is best for your idea. So the best option is to start with a proprietorship or as a partnership.
  13. Listen to all but do what your gut tells you.
  14. Do not spend too much on strategizing against anyone. If it’s a plan to achieve your goal fine, else if it’s plan to cut the competition, you are in the wrong business as a startup. As startups are born as a simple solution to an existing problem and not as a copied business idea.
  15. Borrow funds from relatives, sell gold, sell assets but do not take loan. Angel funding is welcome too.

(Visit the site: Superindiankid)

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