Startup funding news of the last week

Below are some of the startups that have been funded recently.

  • Kinetic Social, a leading social media advertising technology company, has raised $8 million Series A funding
  • VeryLastRoom, a hotel booking app that lets you negotiate last minute prices even cheaper than on the web, gets €400,000 seed funding
  • DraftKings, a leading provider of daily fantasy sports online, has closed a $7M Series A round of funding
  • Chute, a startup that offers tools for collecting and displaying photos, has raised $7 million Series A Funding
  • Roomixer, a platform for hotels to make money by selling guest referrals to similar hotels, has raised $470,000 angel funding
  • Take Eat Easy, a Belgian startup with a fresh approach to ordering takeaway food online, has raised €200,000 seed funding
  • Madison Color, a company that is reinventing the home hair care market, has closed $4 million Series A funding
  • Poppin, an online retailer offering a distinctive collection of chic yet affordable office products, raises $11.1M Series B financing
  • RocketMiles, a website that offers air miles as a reward for luxury hotel bookings, completes a $2 million seed funding round
  • Bing Energy hasd raised seed funding to create a commercially viable carbon nanotube fuel cell
  • SocialWire, a startup building Facebook ads for retailers, has raised $1 million in “seed extension” funding
  •, which transforms the ‘Contact Us’ form into a powerful marketing tool to catch customers, lands seed financing

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