Mobile Apps going for traditional advertising models

PepperTap sends discount coupons with courier

Who says that traditional and print advertisement models are going to die very soon? No, they are not? AdvertisementIMG_20150325_124716441 and marketing are two areas where innovation is happening almost every second but still you may surprised by people taking traditional methods.

I received a discount coupon from the courier guy who had come to pick a reverse delivery for a product that I bought from Paytm because the size was not fitting. As I signed the slip for pick-up, the delivery boy asked me to sign ‘coupon received’ and handed me this coupon.

I was surprised to notice that it is a mobile app and they are advertising through a non-conventional method but resorting to print ads and discount coupons.

You will usually believe that mobile apps would be advertised and marketed through online media, including display ads, FB ads, social media and mobile promotion; however, sending a print ad with discount coupon if you use their mobile app is something totally unconventional using a traditional method.

I am sure PepperTap is strategizing a lot and looking to promote their app.

As my very first reaction, I feel that this is a good method because I will feel tempted to try their app and see what they have to offer. And as we know, the chances of sale increase with the number of leads that you get.

Have you seen anybody else trying promoting their mobile apps with traditional advertising methods? Share if you have…

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