Entrepreneur Poonam Binaykiya: Financial advisor

Did you ever want to get your share certificates yield something for you? What do you do with if you have a physical copy of the shares and do not know what to do with them. For good, you will decide that they are as good as scrap papers. Wait. There is something you can cherish. Poonam Binaykiya offers you guidance about you.


We present an email interview with Poonam.

Poonam BinaykiyaQ1. Tell us how you thought about starting this venture.

IPLANZONE stands for Investment Planning Zone. The idea behind the same has come when I have been able to convert my father’s physical shares into a good amount. When I got to know about the same, the share certificates/bonds were literally kept as scrap papers, but after I got a good amount out of the same; I realized if I start this service, lots of persons who still hold this share certificates ignorant of their worth can benefit out of them.

Basically the reasons because of which the physical shares remain as scrap are as follows:

(a) Limitation of time period in the transfer process of the share certificates.

(b) Bad Delivery of shares

(c) Lost share certificates

(d) Delisted shares and many more such reasons.

At IPLANZONE, all the above problems are being looked upon and resolved as soon as possible.

Q2. Who are your customers or targeted audience?

At present the targeted customers/audience are those persons who are ignorant of the utilization of their share certificates. Some of them are so busy that they hardly find any time to go through the long process which this entire work requires which largely are i the form of CAs or a businessmen, service holders etc.. In near future, the target is to include the individuals who need financial planning and NRIs.

Q3. What is the scope of innovation in your business?

In terms of innovation, the next step is to bring a complete online financial service as in online financial planning, online insurance service and include as many as financial products as possible so that the hassles of customers can be reduced in terms of moving everytime to the number of offices to know about the respective products.

Q4. Is there any scope of competition in it?

Every business has got competition either completely or partially. There are number of dealers/ traders who deal on physical shares, delisted shares. There are also being number of reputed firms who provide financial planning. But there is no firm which guide their clients in collecting the amount from the scraps and then utilizing the same for their future investment, their retirement life or to save the same in their time of emergencies and this is what I am trying to do.

Q5. Do you cater to the customers in India or you serve clients abroad also?

At present, IPLANZONE is catering to the customers only in India, but in near future, the target customers are Non Resident Indians.

Q6. How much is the scope of expansion for your venture?

In terms of expansion, being a Financial Planner, I am looking forward to cover lots of financial products such as insurance, mutual fund, online taxation and other related financial services which are necessary for proper utilization of their income. I have already started writing articles on number of financial products so that the clients themselves become educated enough to plan as per their goal and can invest without anyone’s help/advice.

Q7. Give a message to our readers and budding entrepreneurs from your own experience.

My message to the other budding entrepreneur is if you think your idea/work can bring a new innovation or a positive change in the society, go ahead. There will be more persons on the negative side in comparison to positive side, who will try to demotivate you or will say the work you are looking forward to is impossible. But you will need to have strong determination and work on the way you have chosen.

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