How To Save Water In Daily Life

Not a single day in our life can pass without depending on water. Water is a very important resource for humans to live and accomplish several routine activities of the day. Most water usage patterns become a routine habit and if we have not been careful we could end up wasting water in the same way for years. Hence exploring the ways to save water in daily life can help save a lot of water in the long run. Most of the tips we discuss here must be cultivated into a habit in us so that we get the desired result in the long run and contribute our bit to conserving water.

Tips to save water in daily life

  • Place a water bottle either in plastic or pebbles filled with water in the toilet tank when you displace water in this way, you will only use lesser water during every flush. This method is found to save 5 to 10 gallons of water a day.
  • While taking a shower, never waste the cold water till the hot water reaches the showerhead. You can catch this water and use for watering the plants.
  • Keep checking the fixtures and plumbing lines for any leaks and if you come across any, take steps to fix them up immediately. This measure can help save about 400 gallons of water.
  • To check the flushing tanks, put some food coloring or dye tablets into the water before flushing. If the color is spotted on the bowl while not flushing, it can indicate that there is a leak. Repair such leaks at once which can save a lot of water.
  • Turn off the taps while brushing, washing hands and shaving. Fill the sink bottom with a few inches of water for rinsing the razor.
  • Use a spray device or short blasts while washing vessels. When you wash dishes by hand, use a little amount of detergent in order to save water.
  • Avoid defrosting frozen foods with running water. Place them outside the refrigerator to defreeze in some time or defreeze them in the microwave.
  • Do not wash the vegetables under a running tap. Rinse them in a filled sink or pan.
  • Plant a layer of mulch surrounding the plants and trees. Gravel, peat moss and chunks of bark can help slow down evaporation.
  • In case you have a pool, use a pool cover to prevent evaporation. This will also help you use less amount of chemicals to clean the pool besides keeping the pool as clean as possible.
  • While washing your car, do it on the lawn so that the water running down can water the lawns and plants.
  • Do not dispose of waste and other hazardous items in water. This can lead to water contamination making the water unusable for all. Do not flush out the leftovers of medicines in the toilet.
  • Educate the children not to waste water while playing. Tell them that water is not an object of play if it leads to wastage. Implement water conservation practices if the water is used for sports like playing at the sprinklers only while watering the lawns and so on.

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