How to save water at home

Water is becoming a scarce resource these days. The underground water table is getting deeper and the arrangements to store the surface water during rains have been failing us. Environment experts warn a serious and impending water crisis in the future if the same situation continues. Many activities at home depend on water. You need water to drink, cook, clean, wash, bath and do some other chores at home. Even small measures of saving water can lead to conserving gallons of water in the long run. Here are a few ways to conserve water at home.

Tips to save water at home

Stick a bucket under the shower

As you wait for the shower water to heat up, place a bucket under the faucet. This will help collect the water that will otherwise go down the drain. You can later use this water for the plants or to flush the toilet.

Keep the tap turned off while brushing your teeth

Many people have the habit of keeping the running tap on while brushing their teeth. Know that the average amount of water coming out of the faucet is 2.5 gallon per minute. So, close the tap and leave it off till it is time for you to rinse.

Keep the tap off when you wash your hands

Whether you use soap to wash your hands or clean them by rubbing them against each other, wet your hands first and then close the tap off till you wash your hands. You can open the tap once again while rinsing your hand finally.

Fix the leaking faucet at once

If you spot a leaking faucet, arrange to fix it at once whether you do it yourself or get it done through a plumber. Leaking faucets can lead to severe water wastage.

Reuse the water from the kitchen

The water you use for washing vegetables, boiling fruits and vegetables, and cooking can be reused for plants. However, if the water is hot, wait till it cools down before you use it for your plants.

Change your old shower heads

Old shower heads can use a lot of water per minute. If this is the case with your shower head, change it for a new one that can help preserve water. Review your other fixtures and change wherever necessary to save water.

Check the water lines from time to time

If you feel a lot of water is disappearing from time to time, a leak might be the culprit. Call the plumber to review the pipelines so that you get any leaks fixed.

Adjust the output of your toilet tank

You can reduce the water usage from the toilet tank by sinking a half gallon mug of water into the tank. Do not use a brick for this purpose as it can break down giving out sediments that can block the outlet.

Skip the shower from time to time

From time to time skip using the shower for bathing and use the water from a bucket. This can help save a lot of water since showers use up much more water than what you will need while bathing from the bucket.

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