Zini, India’s first AI Bot, shines at the Digital India Week, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Zini, India’s first ever Artificial intelligence integrated physician bot was the attraction at the Digital India Week 2022, inaugurated by honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. As the theme ‘Catalyzing New India’s Techade’, to transform the nation into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy, Zini too played the role of digital empowerment by addressing the health queries  of the visitors digitally. Later, the Prime Minister took a walk-through of the booths and praised the technology and its operations.

The event was a grand success and had witnessed a heavy footfall at the Zini booth, where people stood patiently to get their *differential* diagnosis using the bot. ZINI *can* automate the medical history-taking process i.e patient interview which is the 1st step in patient management.  Post the diagnosis the medical data helps the *patients* figure out what exactly is the cause of a *their* symptoms and take subsequent actions. Startups, government leaders, and industry and academia specialists participated in the digital India week, where over 200 stalls were set up by Indian unicorns and startups.

ZINI is a medical chatbot invented by a team of visionary founders at GRAINPAD and was launched in 2017. The bot has been meticulously developed by Dr Rohit Sharma.

Commenting on the successful day, Dr Rohit Sharma, founder & CEO Zini.AI said, “We are very delighted to be the part of the grand celebration of the Digital India. The idea conceptualised from a small issue has led us to a place where we are digitally providing medical assistance to a massive number of people. Zini lets you access the genuine, expert and legit medical *guidance* when needed without any hassle. Pandemic have made us alter our approach towards medical assistance and Zini is just one stop solution for that. We are glad Zini surprised the visitors and tech experts at the event with the perfect judgement and look forward to provide this reliable solution for millions of people living in our country.”

Pandemic has brought the doctors to our phones but the major concern is yet not solved, of the low doctor-patient ratio in India, Zini has proven to be the answer with more access to medical care. Team of dynamic 50 people + *reputed* doctors that have come together to resolve the medical incapability’s and help reach assistance to every corner of the country.

A virtual agent like ZINI can listen to patient symptoms, give them preliminary guidance, remind them of medications, ping them on variations in their sugar or BP profile, answer common health related queries or book appointments for them.  These will act like a complete health assistant and guide to the common man. In future as data and technology grows minor primary healthcare needs, even prescriptions can 1 day be managed by these Bots.

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