Youngest entrepreneurs

Registering their company in December 2011, 12-year-old Shravan Kumaran and 10-year-old Sanjay Kumaran have become the youngest ever entrepreneurs of the world. Sanjay stated, “We wanted our own company to showcase our products. I have always been telling my father that I would like to start my own company. Then, we developed the game “Catch me, cop” and before submitting it at the App store, we started “Go Dimensions”. In fact when they registered their company, they had never known that they were all set to create a world record of being the youngest ever entrepreneurs. Their principal product is the game “Catch me, cop” which they designed themselves and submitted at the App store.

The brothers have registered a company under the name “Go Dimensions”. Sanjay was keen to have the term “Go” in the company’s name. Shravan got some cool idea added to it and made it ‘God’ giving way to the name Go Dimensions. Only after registering the company they googled to find out that any other entrepreneur in the world was more than 14 years. They are now into developing more apps to be released on their website. Shravan was given a computer by his father when Shravan was seven years. Shravan observed his father create power point presentations and quickly learnt the art. Sanjay followed soon. By the time Shravan reached his third class, both the brothers started learning Q Basic and Java from their father. While other children of their age played games, their interest went towards developing games. At the advent of Android, they started programming vigorously. The brothers have a good understanding among themselves and have so far created over 50 apps for i-phone. We need to wait and see what more they would launch soon.

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