WiredUp, an all-in-one revolutionary financial app, set to change the way corporates function

WiredUp, a corporate-finance application from the house of UnoRoof, was launched in the city today. Developed and conceptualised by Ms Sonali Puri, an ex-banker with two decades of experience in risk management and corporate banking, WiredUp equips companies with an array of financial tools, besides offering a platform to facilitate local and overseas business transactions.

“As a former banking professional, I understand the growing complexities in banking in this digital age, especially handling multiple products and dealing with regulatory compliances. Customer demographics have undergone a sea-change. They have become savvier, smarter, well-informed and expect nothing less than a fulfilling and personalised banking experience,” Ms Puri said.

She added that in a rapidly moving world, financial systems must be agile, dynamic, and digitally efficient, which is the premise of WiredUp. 

Ms Puri said, “Besides streamlining banking transactions, WiredUp adds a human element to the processes. Apart from facilitating global trade seamlessly and efficiently, the app provides an avenue to upscale learning, reach out to experts, seek and offer functional and personal counselling, and open channels for global business expansions.”

The app supports financial partners in giving them access to potential buyers looking for specific products, shortening client conversion timelines, assisting response to buyer queries through features like App Chat, and creating teams for responding to new leads.

Corporates can avail of many benefits like securing working capital facility, acquisition financing, opening current accounts, and understanding External Commercial Borrowings (ECB).

WiredUp also offers an all-comprehensive FX Risk Management tool with several notable features, such as live currency rates across the globe, spot rates and forward rates. The FX tool helps establish links with dealing partners as well. 

To download the app, click here or scan:


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