Want You–New Single Released by Joss Jaffe

‘Want You’ is the newest single by Top-10 Billboard [New Age] artist,  Joss Jaffe. The song is a reggae influenced love song singing, “You can’t decide if you want but you’re going to miss a good thing when it’s gone.” 

The song has a memorable SoCal Pop Reggae sound reminiscent of  Sublime or No Doubt. With a bevy of guitars, keys and a modern trap beat the catchy vocals and harmonies capture the attention.  

Produced by DJ Taz Rashid, known as “a yogi’s musical guide to Samadhi”  and creator of world-class yoga music for festivals such as Wanderlust  and Yoga Journal Conference.  

The song is accompanied by an animated music video by Crystal Jow a  Taiwanese- American animation artist based in Los Angeles, California.  Cover art by Berlin born, LA based painter Julika Lackner.

Listen on Spotify:

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