Ubi MACs kickstarts with five clients on board; to offer one-stop solution for media consultation

Industry Veterans launch a futuristic media & communication agency focused on small businesses and start-ups

Ubi MACs, an agile and futuristic media & communication agency launched today to offer a one-stop solution for media consultation by industry veterans. Ubi MACs is a startup and an Ad agency with the objective to service mid and small capped businesses. With five clients on board already, Ubi MACs is backed up by 7 partner agencies, 23 experts and 9 core team led by 5 founders.

Ubi MACs is founded by stalwarts from the media and marketing industries. Its philosophy and approach rests on the decades of experience and knowledge of the founding partners. The founders of Ubi MACs are:

  • Avijit Dutt, Media Professional, Ex-Creative Director Lintas Advertising
  • Rohan Lopes, Marketing Communications Expert, Ex-Mindshare and Ernst & Young
  • Vinit Kumar, Strategist Ex – Publicis, Madison and Mindshare

Speaking at the launch, Mr Avijit Dutt, Founder of Ubi MACs and an advertising veteran, actor, and speaker said, “The year 2020 taught us that there’s another way to live and make sense of it all. It also showed us ways to increase the hit ratio, while maximizing the rupee’s power. This is one such innovation that will give the small spender the firepower of an experienced, proven team, without having to spend vast amounts of resources.”

Mr. Dutt further added that “Ubi MACs aims to be a hard-working solution for small advertisers and start-ups whose advertising needs are significantly different and are not met by big network agencies due to low budget and other structural issues. It is focused more on width and expansion than on maximizing revenues from a set of clients.” 

Ubi MACs aims to specifically offer to small advertisers and start-ups two kinds of services. Firstly, Media management for accounts who don’t have one and charge only for the hours deployed. Here the pre audit of strategy, planning and buying is designed to be done only by veterans, and advertisers will only pay for the hours 

deployed. Secondly, harness consortium agencies for advertisers who also need crafting and execution of plans, to cater to their communication needs.

Mr. Vinit Kumar, Founder of Ubi MACs and who comes with vast experience with big agencies and clients across categories, has a lion’s share in bringing about this launch and consortium. Mr. Kumar said, “There’s a huge surge in the number of start-ups, stacking up to 55K+. Also, we have a fairly large number of advertisers in India – about 200K+. However, the smaller advertisers don’t get access to expertise, experience or required Ad tech due to low investment levels. Mostly, they get serviced by independent consultants and multiple small agencies. By launching Ubi MACs and creating a consortium of six agencies, our ambition is to be the Ola/Uber for the AdCom industry by offering accessible, affordable yet boldly effective solutions.”

The newly found advertising and communication start-up has formed a consortium of seven independent agencies from different domains i.e., Digital Marketing, Broadcast media, Creative and Content. The seven agencies are INK Advertising owned by Pradeep Yadav, Monkey Minds founded by Amit Duggal, Pixel Rush founded by Atul Soni, Bluetickmark founded by Gaurav Dikshit, Pub Com Media founded by Sandeep Dodhaan, Visual Craft owned by Sudeshna Das and Akhiro Interactive.

Here’s some of the views shared by partner agencies on Ubi MACs:

Amit Duggal, Monkey Minds: “Advertisers have always been scouting for a medium which can give them best ROI be it reach, GRPs or any other metrics. I feel nothing has changed in the current dynamics, we still have to give highest ROI and on digital as a medium specifically. My vision is to give the best ROI to first time advertisers to grow business pan India.”

Atul Soni, PixelRush: “With the entire national narrative focused towards an “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, we believe its high time that the same narrative also applies towards the agency ecosystem here. Emphasis should be towards creating successful Indian businesses catering to advertiser’s needs in the best possible manner devoid of any foreign firm royalty obligations, sinister back hand publisher deals and specific agenda driven performance push. We at PixelRush believe that this step towards creation of a consolidated marketing entity by Vinit under the umbrella Ubi MACs is a step in the right direction and we are honoured to be part of this consortium to deliver disproportionate value to advertisers small as well as big ones in the best possible manner.”

Pradeep Yadav, INK Advertising: “Consumer dynamics are changing and so does the requirement of advertisers. At this hour, convergence and coherence are required to have effective campaigns. With Ubi MACs, we are capable to solve for any kind of communication requirements a marketer might have.”

Ubi MACs will play a critical role for the regional advertisers as small and medium sized businesses are facing a challenge to reach out to their target audiences. With their differentiated approach and one-stop solution, the agency will deliver both impactful and result oriented media campaigns.

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