Traqade by Gympik addresses ‘Class Booking’ issues for gym & fitness studio owners; set to revitalise the pandemic-hit Indian fitness industry

●      The feature enables fitness centres to seamlessly schedule and manage their group workout classes in a hassle-free and time-efficient manner

●    It also empowers members with more control over their workout regime, allowing them to browse & book a group workout classes to fit their schedule

Traqade, an all-in-one gym & club management software by Gympik, has recently launched a new feature called ‘Classes’ on its platform to solve the booking headache for fitness centre owners. The feature will be powered with best-in-class technology developed by India’s leading fitness technology company – Gympik.

One of the hardest-hit sectors by the nationwide lockdown, the fitness industry has embraced digital adoption to provide fitness enthusiasts a tech-led & safer workout experience during the pandemic. As a pioneer in the space, Traqade by Gympik has been leading this digital transformation, providing players in the domain with digital solutions to address short-term and long-term challenges and continue with business as normal. The latest feature launch builds on this commitment to elevating the overall booking experience for centre owners & fitness enthusiasts through cutting-edge tech.

Automation for optimisation: How the new feature is making life easier for gym owners

Managing front desk tasks such as class bookings, cancellations, and payments can become nightmarish for fitness centre owners since they are not only repetitive but also eat into their productive time. Traqade’s newest feature, ‘Classes’, allows centre owners to schedule & manage their group workout classes with complete peace of mind. This automated booking management feature helps them save precious time on repetitive admin tasks & eliminates the queues at the front desk.

With ‘Classes’, fitness centre owners can list unlimited workout classes and keep dazzling their members with a whole bunch of options to stay fit! With features like instant booking & cancellations, automated waitlists, timely notifications, and capacity management, among others, Traqade’s ‘Classes’ aims to help the fitness industry take the next step towards becoming digitally-savvy.

To ensure proper social distancing in the classes, centre owners can also limit their class capacity through the software. Once the booking capacity is reached for any class, members trying to book are automatically put on the waitlist and are informed through SMS & Email notifications if any of the spots become available. All cancellations are managed via a tech-led process that minimizes the possibility of ‘no-shows’ by 90%, hence reducing revenue loss for fitness centres.

Offering a win-win proposition to both centre owners and members

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to an unprecedented crisis for the fitness industry. As India gradually resumes economic activity after a months-long lockdown, fitness studios and gym owners are struggling with resource allocation and capacity management on top of the health, safety, and sanitisation hurdles. In this turbulent landscape, Traqade’s automated class booking solution comes as a much-needed intervention that eases these operational challenges for players in the sector. It enables centre owners to leverage the booking data to generate deep insights about the number of members expected to return and the classes that are most in-demand. Accessible without running the actual class, these projections can help fitness centres to accurately plan their staffing and classes, ensuring that they utilise available resources judiciously and efficiently during these tough times.

Traqade’s member app, ‘Traqade Connect’, which is available on app store & playstore, also provides gym members with more control over their fitness regimes by enabling them to easily browse and book their favourite classes, set their goals, and push harder to get stronger. The app-based booking process also eliminates the need to frequently call up the fitness centre to get details about the training schedule or to book a class – making for a smoother and more seamless experience.

Speaking on the launch, Amaresh Ojha, CEO & Founder – Gympik, said, “At Traqade, our mission is to prioritize our users’ needs and provide an A-to-Z solution to manage their fitness business, from bookings, hybrid memberships, member experience, and retention to payments. We added this feature to solve the class booking headache for centre owners. We believe that the launch of ‘Classes’ underlines the digital makeover that the fitness industry so direly needs, and why it needs to evolve and let go of the obsolete way of doing things. In fact, in a post-pandemic world, digital is no longer an option, it is the rule.”

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