#Top 3 TV weddings on Dangal TV

Intriguing plots keep the audience hoooked

Shubh – Shagun

Shubh-Shagun, the daily original series on Dangal TV, has undergone an intriguing turn of events as a mystery groom enters the scene. Shagun was set to get married, but the groom was replaced? The captivating story of boundless sibling love has been unfolding twists and turns to keep the audience glued to their screens. After exposing Shubh and cancelling Yug’s marriage with Navya, Shagun, in her endeavour to protect her brother, agreed to a North-Indian-style wedding and was about to embark on a new chapter in life by marrying Ashok- the brother of Yug’s fiancee. However, something unexpected unsettled the plan, and she entered the mandap to get married to Shubh who had shrouded his identity with the Sehra. Following her wedding, Yug was married to Navya who had hidden her identity with the Ghunghat.

Shagun and Yug have moved into Shubh’s house. However, Shagun has given Shubh a 30 days challenge. To know what is the challenge and how Shagun is driven to realise it, watch the daily soap Monday to Saturday 7:30 PM on Dangal TV.

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein, the daily original series on Dangal TV, is showcasing a wedding full of twists where the main lead Srishti met with an accident while watching the baraat coming for her and was replaced by Dhani, her sister. Shristi regains consciousness in an injured state as rituals and divinity take over. Shristi calls for help and tries to attract the woman on the terrace, but in the chaos of the wedding, the lady couldn’t hear her and goes back down for the wedding. Dhaani, all dressed up for bidaai, shouts out to her mother, saying they should find Shrishti and replace her in bidaai when no one notices, at this her mother slaps her back into reality, telling her that she is the one who is married, not Shristi, and her bidaai will take place.

Watch Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Monday to Saturday 10 PM only on Dangal TV

Sindoor Ki Keemat

Sindoor Ki Keemat, the daily original series on Dangal TV, a story of marriage, divorce, and 3 pheras. Arjun divorced Mishri because she was unable to prove that Priya was not the real Anu, and her entire plan was thwarted by Priya, instilling a profound dislike in Arjun. Arjun subsequently decides to marry Priya, believing her to be the real Anu and divorces Mishri. A heartbroken Mishri persuades him not to marry Priya. Unfortunately, Mishri fails, and the wedding between Arjun and Priya begins. A paralysed Brij reveals to Mishri that she is the real Anu and Mishri decides to stop the wedding. Priya comes to know that Mishri knows the truth about being the real daughter and tries to keep Mishri away from the Mandap. Mishri cuts off the power to the entire home because Arjun and Priya have already completed three of the seven pheras. Mishri sneaks in and puts Priya unconscious before tying her up in her room. She returns to the mandap with ghunghat on her head, completes the ceremony, and marries Arjun once again.

Catch the new episodes of Sindoor Ki Keemat Monday to Saturday 9 PM only on Dangal TV

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