The Encubay Power Circle – Mumbai concludes with 30+ inspiring women entrepreneurs bringing their power and experiencing the true strength of diversity in the start-up ecosystem

Encubay, a global diversity-focused network, is powering each city with a circle of some of the most amazing women while they indulge in an exclusive in-person experience of sharing, networking, and collaboration through its exclusive Encubay Power Circle initiative.

The invitation-only event aims to bring together a group of inspiring women entrepreneurs in the city for an evening of sharing experiences, networking, and collaboration. If you are a woman founder, we encourage you to sign up and explore the opportunity of being a part of the Encubay Power Circle.

The Encubay Power Circle – Mumbai was hosted at The Quorum, Mumbai, a community partner on the 13th of May 2022.

Networking and collaboration have always been at the core of Encubay’s ethos, and with the Power Circle they have created a space for women founders where they can easily engage in both. “We’ve all heard of the boy’s clubs… women don’t really have the equivalent. The Power Circle is just that, we bring together women of different walks, all connected to entrepreneurship, or somewhere inclined towards growing businesses. Women who are really ambitious, who want to go out there and change the world, because trust me the world needs a change, and it needs to see more women creating it,” says founder Deeksha Ahuja, as she elaborates on what the Power Circle aims to be.

Encubay Power Circle in Mumbai saw 30+ inspiring women entrepreneurs from across sectors bringing their power to the exclusive circle and experiencing the true strength of diversity in the start-up ecosystem. These women were from across sectors and backgrounds, among them were Neha Parekh (Founder, Eume World), Shreya Prakash (Co-founder, Flexibees), Anisha Patnaik (Founder, Lexstart) along with Encubay’s founders and team, Deeksha Ahuja, Eashita Maheshwary, Avneet Kohli and Anishkaa Gehani. They were joined by an impressive and illustrious woman entrepreneur in her own right – Devita Saraf (Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Vu Group) who sat down with Deeksha Ahuja (Founder, Encubay) for a fireside chat encapsulating her growth journey to kick-off the exciting evening. Devita, a champion of women in business and a trailblazer for many, was more than delighted to address her peers in the ecosystem. She praised the energy in the room and captured the importance of a space like the Power Circle, saying, “I love seeing women who are open, dressed for success, powerful – yet friendly, loving and sweet. The energy here is inspiring for me. In my 92 talks, I don’t think I’ve seen such a vibrant audience yet.” The evening was filled with conversations of growth, collaboration, breaking biases and the sense of belonging to a network that drives impact.

Encubay is committed to helping women build and scale businesses while championing growth in the start-up ecosystem by harnessing the power of diversity and all it can achieve. Encubay has been engaging the start-up ecosystem in India, Dubai and globally through various programs and formats of instilling knowledge, networking, fundraising and growth in the startup ecosystem. The Encubay Power Circle aims to encompass the country and bring together many more woman entrepreneurs. If you are a woman entrepreneur eager to engage with your peers, sign up here to be a part of the Encubay Power Circle in your city and the Encubay network globally.

With successful launches over Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, the next event is scheduled in Delhi with the inaugural event on the 26th of May, Thursday 6 PM onwards at the Quroum Gurgaon. This is an invite only event and RSVP here to block your seats –

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