Policy entrepreneurs

Policy entrepreneurs are a class of public entrepreneurs who act outside the formal positions in the government by way of introducing, translating and helping in the implementation of new ideas to be practised by the general public. This class of entrepreneurs can also be described as a sort of activists who mobilise the public to support unorganized interests. Often, policy entrepreneurs make the best use of the media to promote their issues among the public. In this regard, mass media plays a vital role these days for the policy makers both inside and outside the government to reach out the public quickly and effectively. Television, media, newspapers and magazines are some of the potential modes that are highly useful to policy entrepreneurs.

An effective media strategy is the most crucial key for the success of policy entrepreneurs. Events covered by the media are meant to be shared with the public and therefore have a wider reach. Policy entrepreneurs must plan out the strategies necessary to get the right image on the media and also produce effective commercials. In fact a number of successful entrepreneurs have made the most effective use of the media to do political campaigns.

Most successful policy entrepreneurs know the art of driving their policies through the media by feeding the right reporters with right stories besides by maintaining a wonderful relationship with the press. The broadcast media is increasingly being replaced by the print media and policy entrepreneurs must make note of this to be able to stay in the forefront of their campaign.

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