An entrepreneurial activity starts from original ideas. An entrepreneurs innovates a product or service based on the perception of market demand and a business opportunity. In fact creative entrepreneurs think of ways to create a demand or increase the existing demand for a new product they would like to innovate. An entrepreneur will speculate the pros and cons of a particular business venture and use this knowledge in the designing of products, services and marketing strategies connected to the business venture.

Once the business is set and is running, an entrepreneur must assume the complete ownership of the venture and be diligent in discharging the responsibilities connected to it. When things go wrong and they are difficult to manage, an entrepreneur must devise strategies and ways to put them in place without complaining or worrying about them. An entrepreneur is the complete owner of a business venture and therefore should be fully accountable for the successes and failures, profits and gains.

Since the success of a business wholly depends on sheer hard work, an entrepreneur cannot sit back and relax at any point. Being zealous of working with newer possibilities, new experiments, newer scenarios, newer markets and newer customers is highly essential for reaping more success and expanding the product or service into newer arenas.

Entrepreneurs need to have a positive approach. Though critical thinking is essential, an entrepreneur must not grumble or grudge over things and outcomes in course of the journey. On the other hand, every experience whether positive or negative must be considered an opportunity to learn and an entrepreneur must modify the products, services and marketing strategies accordingly.

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