Entrepreneur Vs intrapreneur

In the first hand, we need to understand how entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs differ from typical employees. While employees are just involved with the business, these two classes of people are committed to their business. While employees are expected to just play their job roles for the compensation they receive, the level of responsibility and commitment goes a step higher in case of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Both entreprenuers and intrapreneurs are connected with the top level administration of a company. However, while an entrepreneur is the sole owner for his business, an intrapreneur works with the resources provided by the investors. In this regard, the challenges before an intrapreneur are slightly different from those of entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur has to fight for his or her success by taking independent decisions. Entrepreneurs have to source the necessary investment from their own accord. Intrapreneurs on the other hand already have the necessary investment and resources provided by the investors. He or she however needs to satisfy the investors by his or her performance, decisions and administrative skills.

To simplify the paradigm, entrepreneurs are visionaries and founders of businesses, while intrapreneurs take part in realising or giving vent to someone else’s business. Intrapreneurs might be required to start from the scratch or enter the scene of an already established business, in either case, they are not owners of the resources and infrastructure, but only managers of the business. The prospects of the business might not affect the intrapreneurs as it affects entrepreneurs. However, while entrepreneurs need not be answerable to anyone else, intrapreneurs need to take every move carefully so that they are able to meet the expectations of the investors.

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