Entrepreneur statistic

A general study has brought to surface that following the economic recession of our times there had been a sharp rise in entrepreneurial activities. It is also interesting to know that a large number of businesses are created every year and they face a number of challenges. These statistical findings are highly interesting to know.  The 13th annual survey report of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2011 released during the organization’s 2012 Annual Meeting in San Francisco was the first ever biggest single report on this topic. It surfaces the following entrepreneur statistics.

Owing to the recent surge in the entrepreneurial activity worldwide over the past five years, there were 400 million entrepreneurs launching and running their businesses in the 54 economies surveyed by the study. Interestingly, 140 million among them are most likely to add up not less than five new jobs over the next five years. These figures reveal the fact that entrepreneurial activity is flourishing across the globe and that entrepreneurship is the only hope for reviving the destabilised global economy.

Between 2010 and 2011, there was a 25% growth in the number of entrepreneurs among 16 developing countries including China, Argentina and Chile. In the emerging economies, the tendency to start a business is found more than with other economies. It is noted that these tendencies tend to fall with the economic development of these countries. Across the samples collected, Russia and United Arab Emirates show the lowest intent to start new businesses. More than 50% entrepreneurs who discontinued their business did so due to lack of profitability or non-availability of funds to pump into the capital.

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